Natural, unposed and spontaneous. There is no better way to capture the spirit of your wedding day with the way of candid wedding photography.

We are the A-Team of wedding photographer and videographer in Melbourne, big coffee addict.

We mainly service in Melbourne, but you can also find us in Yarra Valley, Dandenong, Geelong, Mornington, or anywhere where a love story starts


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Who am I?

Why I established TREE STUDIO?

I don’t have a drama story to entertain you, like someone who received an old camera as a birthday gift from his dad when he was 8 years old and discovered the world through his lens.

My story is rather ordinary and even plain.

I used to working at the most famous wedding photography studio in Melbourne in 2012 spring. My teacher, John, also was the studio manager who had the best technique of photography in Melbourne and renowned for his extended wedding photography experience.

I had to admire John’s deep knowledge on using flashlights and almost perfect photography compositions in Melbourne. He is a Multi-Award-Winning wedding photographer of AIPP, WPPI.

From my memory, peers of wedding photographers in Melbourne called him Master John.

I started learning wedding photography from being Master John’s photographer assistant in the first year, his teaching manner was rigors but master John also asserted I was one of his talented photography student among his followers.

He implied me many times that I would be his successor one day.

The second year summer, Master John gave me the main wedding photographer role, I was finally allowed to shoot a wedding on my own.

In the beginning, I used lots of advantage of knowledge learning from John, he demonstrated the wedding formalities and how to pose the wedding couples effectively, I immersed my wedding photography in perfect composition and sophisticated poses.

I felt self-satisfied, not only from Master John applause and also a decent income from his wedding photography studio.

One night I looked through my recent work of wedding photography as normal, Master John asked us to review our own wedding photos regularly and keep imitating his masterpiece of wedding photography as daily task.

I suddenly realized all my recent wedding photos looked very similar, same poses, same perfect compositions, skilful flash technique. However, those wedding photos didn’t have any spirit within: it can’t reflect the wedding couple’s personalities nor their authentic emotions.

Unfortunately, I encountered my bottleneck on wedding photography. I doubt I didn’t own the talent as Master John described.

I was guessing I interfered the bride and groom too much, particular during the location photo. In simple words, I gave too many directions and took away the wedding couple’s freedom.

During my bottleneck time, my wedding photography philosophy was influenced by a Britain photographer who mastered in documentary and photojournalist shooting style.

The documentary styled photography aims to capture the social event in an uninterrupted and honest manner. I was curious whether I could apply this documentary photography manner into the field of wedding photography.

In the following wedding, I tried to only give the bridal party necessary directions and keep them freely to engage to each other, relax and fully enjoy their wedding day.

I used my observation skills to capture the best moments of their wedding day and real emotions.

The result was much beyond my expectation, the new wedding photography looked different and authentically reflected the wedding couple’s personal touch and wedding vibe with rich emotions. I gave my new wedding photography style a good name - natural and candid wedding photography.

I couldn’t wait to share this new wedding photography idea to master John and wish to get his appreciation. I bring my recent wedding photographs to the studio next day.

When I came to the studio, Master John was having a meeting with the newly engaged couple and showcasing his awarded wedding photography, I sat on the hard couch and waited him to praise my photos.

The waiting was extremely long. One hour passed, eventually the wedding couple paid the deposit and left John’ studio happily. Then I walked towards John:’ Hi John, I want to show you my recent photos, I have discovered new style of wedding photography.’

‘Oh, let me take a look my talented student’s work.’ Master John always like to see my photos and show my work to his followers and he said I am the photographer who shared the closest approach to his wedding photography style.

John took my USB and looked through my photos, he kept looking for more than 10 minutes and didn’t even say one word and showed some sullen expression.

I have never seen John with this sort of facial expression when he was reviewing my photos, indeed, he criticized badly on his other student photographer’s work.

There is no doubt, he is utterly the most authoritative wedding photographer in studio, not because he is the most skilful photographer, also he is the manager.

However, it was the first time that he showed such expressions when reviewing my wedding photos.

‘Why you didn’t give the couple directions?’ Master John questioned me ‘only 2 years, you became lazy like others’

I didn’t understand what Master John meant and tried to explain ‘I wanted to give the couple more room to discover their true emotions and take more natural and candid wedding photography’

Master John suddenly stood up and turn to fiercely angry. ‘The photos are so bad, I can’t even find single one with good composition, the couple’s postures look random, the photos don’t look like they are taken by a professional wedding photographer at all!’

‘Yes, they were taken by professional wedding photographer, me, your best pupil, but from different perspective?’

‘Do you dare to challenge me?” John increased his volume.

I can’t breathe and attempted to avoid his gaze.


I surrendered. Not only I respect master John, he taught me everything, also I can’t afford to lose a reliable income from John’s wedding photography company.

I promised I won’t do it again and ran off in a great panic from his office.

I came back to home; I felt I dropped into a dilemma.

I asked myself: Shall I give up my own approach of natural and candid wedding photography or just be John’s good student and inmate his style without my own consciousness?

I realized that every wedding couple wants to be themselves rather than be overly posed and interrupted. No matter a wedding photo has the perfect composition and pose, if all the photo looks exactly same with no spirit within, what is the meaning to a real wedding?

My conscience was suffering.

Who am I?

Be Master John’s good student or insist my own conception on wedding photography.

I love my teacher, but I love my candid wedding photography even more!

In the next wedding, I insisted my own candid wedding photography and I received good feedback from the wedding couple.

One day, master John called me to his office alone. There was no surprise I lost my job.

‘I did give you chance, leave my company now, your deserved it.’ This was our last conversation.

I received a last payment of $1450 from Master John a week later, he always kept his commitment.

Master John is generous person, great teacher and best wedding photography mentor in Melbourne. But we have different views.

The life shall go on, I didn’t worry too much about my wedding photography career. Nevertheless, I am one of the best pupils of master John’s and I have my own candid wedding photography style.

I believed I can have my own wedding clients very soon.

However, the reality crashed my dream immediately. Being a great wedding photographer and running a business is different story, I didn’t get to shoot one wedding in the 6 months after I left John’s wedding photography studio.

I manifestly realized the greatness of master John, he is not only a great photographer, he also has strong sense on business.

Life is so short, no time to waste.

I shall start from the fundamental preparation, I needed a brand name, considering my natural and candid wedding photography philosophy. ‘Tree’ has natural and organic meaning; it is great symbolic meaning for my own brand.

Moreover, I expected my wedding couple’s marriage life to be similar with Trees: solid and happy. I called my own wedding photography studio- TREE STUDIO.

In the next 3 months, I performed intensive and well-organized preparation, establishing website, designing brand as well as setting the marketing strategy.

To distinguish from other famous wedding photographers in Melbourne, I created unique wedding photography brand and the brand matches seamlessly and consistently with my own candid wedding photography style.

The business slowly got better, I got 17 weddings in the second year. Compare to John’s wedding photography studio, his company was like a mammoth while TREE STUDIO was like a little ant.

Tree studio grew like a tree’s sapling, rooted deeply into the earth. I believed one day Tree studio would become like John’s company.

In late August of 2015, I met one wedding couple at my studio, they are Greek. They were planning a big wedding, 350 guests. This kind of client is a big opportunity for a new company.

They sincerely told me that I was the third wedding photographer they met, they met master John a week earlier, their parents quite liked John’s classic wedding photography style.

The bride and groom are not traditional Greek; they liked modern contemporary styled wedding photography. They wanted their photos to look natural, candid and spontaneous.

They were hesitated between master John’s giant company and my little company.

Master John had the absolute advantage, the bride’s parents agreed to pay for the wedding photography cost and they preferred to book an experienced and reputable company like master John’ company.

I know my candid wedding photography did appeal the wedding couple’s true perspective. I didn’t let them know that master John is my mentor, apparently the story between John and me.

When I found out they can hardly make a decision.

I told them:’ comply with your free will, it is your own wedding, you don’t need to please other person’

I complied with my own free will and established Tree studio. Today, I gave them the same suggestion.

Almost two weeks after, they paid the deposit into Tree studio’s account. I wouldn’t say my candid wedding photography win over John’s classic style. Everyone shall have the right to pursuit their own freedom.

In the next few years, there were inevitable competitions between master John’s company and TREE STUDIO. Sometime he won, sometime we won.

TREE STUDIO grew rapidly, some fresh and talented wedding photographer joined my team. Mark is one outstanding photographer among the new photographers; he is smart and well educated.

Mark’s mum is a violist and dad is an architect. He was desperately fascinated with Renaissance art.

Mark had some photography experience in real estate before he joined my team, this experience helped him to get capability to be a good wedding photographer just in 8 months, he knew what the client’s need in terms of wedding photography.

Mark quickly became one of best wedding photographers in TREE STUDIO and received a lot of good reviews from couples.

Gradually, I found he had the awareness of his own fine art wedding photography style.

Mark partly agreed with my natural and candid wedding photography however he suggested we shall use our aesthetic sense to get good resonation with wedding couple’s personal touch and emotion.

Along with Mark received more better reviews than me. The arrogance and envy drove me to ignore Mark’s suggestion blindly.

The confliction appeared to the surface, in the beginning Mark and me just argued our different opinions privately.

Few months later, Mark even affirmed that he dislikes my wedding photography in public, in front of other photographers at Tree studio’s meeting room.

I couldn’t control my sentiment instantly and increased my voice volume in front of group of other colleagues in Tree studio meeting room.

’ LISTEN TO ME OR GO AWAY” I said firmly.

Mark didn’t offend me with even one word and he walked out the Tree studio meeting room quietly.

I felt regret and ashamed straight away after all people left room, I sat in the empty meeting room alone and ask myself.

Who am I?

Why I repeated same words like master John did to me 5 year ago.

There is no right and wrong with candid wedding photography, there is no excuse for me constraining Mark’s fine art wedding photography and his awareness.

Everyone should have their own pursue. Like a tree, there are many roots to nurture the tree itself to keep life flourish. Same, TREE STUDIO should absorb different views.

The next day, I completely revealed my thought, Mark accepted my apology and our relationship is even better than before, we worked together like a team even more.

I rethink the relationship between master John and me and our different point of views towards wedding photography style.

I then dialled John’s phone number; I haven’t called this most familiar number for almost 5 years.

Just in few seconds, dear John, my mentor, spoke to me like 5 years ago.

‘Hi my best boy, how’s going?’

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Veronica and Ahmed’s wedding at Luminare Melbourne is described as one of a kind, so as their wedding videography. Vivid, vibrant as well as creative, their wedding video perfectly reflects the couple’s personalities.

Emma & Joseph

@ The Park Melbourne

Emma and Joseph’s had a lavish wedding at the Park Melbourne which was also packed with a touch of classic charm. Being their Melbourne wedding videographer, we focused on capturing those emotional interactions between the couple as well as their lavish wedding entrance during the night.

Zoe & Reece

@ Warrawong Estate

Zoe & Reece’s wedding videography in Melbourne gives us a laid-back summer vibe. The Warrawong Estate provided a beautiful backdrop not only for their wedding ceremony as well as their wedding photography.

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    • Mark and his team were excellent! He is such a kind and professional person! He worked superbly with our photographer, knew how to place everyone for the best video action and even captured many great candid moments. All our guests and our bridal party loved how easy going and great he was! Would highly recommend !  
      Melanie & Tom
      @Collingwood Childrens Farm
    • It is rare to see a studio does both photo and video exceptionally well, and TREE STUDIO is definitely one of them! I knew William through friends' referral. He is so patient and professional, taking care of all our needs and requirements from pre-wedding consultations to post-wedding output review. My husband and I are so happy with both the video and photos they took on our wedding day. All the smiles, laugh and moments of gold are fully encapsulated, that we will cherish for the rest of our life! Thank you again William, Henry and Mark for your amazing work. You guys make our special day even better! Not to mention your turnaround time was so quick and efficient! (only took them 4 days to edit all our videos and photos) Hands down the best studio in Melbourne.
      Kelly & Alan
      @Stones of the Yarra Valley
    • Great bunch of photographers. Our wedding day was full of fun and laughter. The photography style we asked for was executed perfectly!! Thank you guys!
      Cassandra & Jacques
      @The Luxor Function Centre
    • We just got our wedding Album from tree photo and video, and I'm blown away (can't stop looking through it). They exceeded my expectations again! We were thrilled when we got our video a couple of months ago as we love it, but the album is also amazing. We got the classic combo because we wanted photos and a video, and are so glad we chose these guys to capture our special day. They were fabulous on our wedding day and captured some great moments. We got everything on a USB, 5 minute video, an hour and a half of video footage (with speeches), nearly 1000 pictures and an album with 40 of our favourite pics for $3999 - great value and some fantastic work!
      Michelle & Ash
      @Harbour Room
    • Thank you so much William for capturing our wedding. You were so easy to work with and we are absolutely in love with our wedding video. You have captured memories that we will cherish forever. Easy to communicate with and very professional. We would highly recommend tree studio for your big day 😀 Tamara and Mark
      Tamara & Mark
      @Yarra Ranges Estate


    • Mark and his team were excellent! He is such a kind and professional person! He worked superbly with our photographer, knew how to place everyone for the best video action and even captured many great candid moments. All our guests and our bridal party loved how easy going and great he was! Would highly recommend !  
      Melanie & Tom
      @Collingwood Childrens Farm
    • It is rare to see a studio does both photo and video exceptionally well, and TREE STUDIO is definitely one of them! I knew William through friends' referral. He is so patient and professional, taking care of all our needs and requirements from pre-wedding consultations to post-wedding output review. My husband and I are so happy with both the video and photos they took on our wedding day. All the smiles, laugh and moments of gold are fully encapsulated, that we will cherish for the rest of our life! Thank you again William, Henry and Mark for your amazing work. You guys make our special day even better! Not to mention your turnaround time was so quick and efficient! (only took them 4 days to edit all our videos and photos) Hands down the best studio in Melbourne.
      Kelly & Alan
      @Stones of the Yarra Valley
    • Great bunch of photographers. Our wedding day was full of fun and laughter. The photography style we asked for was executed perfectly!! Thank you guys!
      Cassandra & Jacques
      @The Luxor Function Centre
    • We just got our wedding Album from tree photo and video, and I'm blown away (can't stop looking through it). They exceeded my expectations again! We were thrilled when we got our video a couple of months ago as we love it, but the album is also amazing. We got the classic combo because we wanted photos and a video, and are so glad we chose these guys to capture our special day. They were fabulous on our wedding day and captured some great moments. We got everything on a USB, 5 minute video, an hour and a half of video footage (with speeches), nearly 1000 pictures and an album with 40 of our favourite pics for $3999 - great value and some fantastic work!
      Michelle & Ash
      @Harbour Room
    • Thank you so much William for capturing our wedding. You were so easy to work with and we are absolutely in love with our wedding video. You have captured memories that we will cherish forever. Easy to communicate with and very professional. We would highly recommend tree studio for your big day 😀 Tamara and Mark
      Tamara & Mark
      @Yarra Ranges Estate

    Top 20 Wedding Photography Locations in Melbourne

    Are you looking to take stunning wedding photography in Melbourne but wondering which photo location is best for you? I’m a Melbourne wedding photographer, your local guide. I want to reveal the top 20 photo locations in Melbourne for breathtaking wedding photography in categories: garden, beach, heritage as well as modern architectures. This simple guide will help our bride-to-be in Melbourne to choose wedding photo locations that fits best with her wedding style.

    Garden Wedding Photography Location in Melbourne

    Albert Park Lake

    Set on almost 600 acres of Parkland, the Albert Park Lake and its surrounding gardens is simply one of the best places in Melbourne for candid wedding photography.

    With the presence of several famous wedding venues within this Melbourne park such as the Park, the Carousel and Greenfields, the Albert Park Lake is usually the first location for wedding photography after the ceremony.

    Within the Albert Park Lake, you will find swans, tropical trees, boats on lake, and of course the entire Melbourne city skyline, which provide a perfect backdrop for candid wedding photography.

    See real wedding photography at Albert Park Lake

    Address: 33 Lakeside Dr, Albert Park VIC

    Fitzroy Gardens

    When you are celebrating your wedding in the Melbourne CBD, and want to feature some nature and greenery into your wedding photography, then the Fitzroy Gardens is one of the best garden photo locations you should consider.

    Within a close distance to some major wedding venues in Melbourne such as the Old Treasury Building as well as the Grand Hyatt, the Fitzroy Gardens offers great convenience for wedding photography on the day.

    Within this Melbourne photo location, you will find tree lines, the Conservatory, the River God Fountain and the Temple of the Wind, which provide a natural background for your wedding photography.

    See Real wedding photography at Fitzroy Gardens

    Address: Lansdowne St, East Melbourne VIC 3002

    Kamesburgh Gardens Brighton

    Located in Brighton, the Kamesburgh Gardens is one of the best garden locations in Bayside Melbourne for candid wedding photography. Featuring a sandstone historic mansion, lush lawn, palm trees and a fountain, there are plenty of wedding photo opportunities within.

    Closely located to many Bayside Melbourne venues such as the Brighton Savoy as well as the Ormond Collective , the Kamesburgh Gardens can also be used as a wedding ceremony location prior to your wedding photography session.

    With the vintage mansion as well as the palm trees, wedding photography inside this Melbourne photo locations will be benefited with a touch of ‘Roman Holiday’ vibe.

    See real wedding photography at Kamesburgh Gardens

    Address: 78 North Road, Brighton, VIC

    Contact: (03) 9599 4444

    Royal Botanic Gardens

    Set on 100 hectares of lands and lakes, the Royal Botanic Gardens represent one of the best garden locations for candid wedding photography in Melbourne.

    Within the park, couples can also choose from multiple wedding receptions such as the Terrace and the Garden House as well as ceremony locations, making this Melbourne garden an all-in-one place for weddings.

    Being a large state park, the Royal Botanic Gardens provide endless opportunities for wedding photography. Some of the famous photo locations inside this Melbourne park include the Tropical Glasshouse, the Fern Gully, the Guilfoyle’s Volcano as well as the Wind Temple.

    A $200 permit is required for wedding photography inside this Melbourne park.

    See real wedding photography at Royal Botanic Gardens

    Address: Birdwood Ave, South Yarra 3141

    Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens

    Located in East Melbourne, the Royal Exhibition Building and surrounding gardens is the ultimate place for candid wedding photography. Closely located to major wedding venues such as the Glasshaus Inside as well as the Regal Ballroom, its prime location provides great travelling convenience.

    Within the park, you will find the historic Melbourne buildings, fountains, tree lines as well as the contemporary museum giving a mix of vintage, natural and modern backdrops for wedding photography.

    If you are planning to do wedding photography at one location near Melbourne CBD but don’t want to travel too far, the Royal Exhibition Building and surrounding gardens is the perfect choice.

    See real wedding photography at Carlton Gardens

    Address: 9 Nicholson St, Carlton VIC 3053

    St Kilda Botanical Gardens

    Located in Melbourne’s inner south suburb, the St Kilda Botanical Gardens is the go-to choice for extraordinary wedding photography for bride who is getting married at venues such as the Quat Quatta and the Harbour Room.

    Though not as big as other garden locations in Melbourne, the St Kilda gardens has got all elements you need for stunning wedding photography. The Rose Garden, the Rainman Fountain and its pond, the conservatory and the palm line path are just some options for backdrops of your wedding photos.

    The only con is a $100 wedding photography permit is required at this Melbourne garden.

    See real wedding photography at St Kilda Botanical Gardens

    Address: 11 Herbert St, St Kilda VIC 3182

    Contact: (03) 9209 6777

    Modern Wedding Photography Location in Melbourne

    Australian Center for Contemporary Art (ACCA)

    The Australian Center for Contemporary Art is the location to go in Melbourne if you are looking to do modern styled wedding photography.

    Set on Stuart Street, it is also closely located to wedding venues such as the Luminare and the Canvas House.

    With a contemporary architecture backdrop, and spacious parking room at front, the ACCA is the first choice for stunning car wedding photography if the bridal party is riding on extra-long limo or multiple sports and vintage cars.

    See real wedding photography at ACCA

    Address: 111 Sturt St, Southbank VIC 3006

    Chanel Melbourne City

    The Chanel Boutique is a popular location for bride who wants to do modern and elegant look wedding photography.

    Set on Flinders Lane, the Chanel Boutique is closely located to many major wedding venues such as the Grand Hyatt as well as the NGV.

    Featuring a contemporary architectural render wall, as well as the elegant glass windows, the Chanel boutique Melbourne offers a modern and minimalistic backdrop for wedding photography.

    See real wedding photography at the Chanel Melbourne

    Address: 140 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

    Hosier Lane

    As one of the most iconic places for Melbourne’s street art, the Hosier Lane represents one popular destination for modern wedding photography.

    With a stone’s throw distance to major wedding venues such as the Metropolis Events and the OId Treasury Building .

    Walking into this cultural lane in Melbourne, you will find stone walls filled with vibrant colours of edgy graffiti and stencils. The Hosier Lane is the perfect place to feature some unique vibe onto your wedding photography.

    Address: Hosier Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

    National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)

    Set on St Kilda Rd, the National Gallery of Victoria is a less-known photo location for modern style wedding photography.

    With a close distance to wedding venues such as the Luminare as well as the Carousel, the National Gallery of Victoria’s prime location offers convenience of travelling.

    Within the national museum, you will find stained glass ceiling with cathedral height, edgy contemporary art display room which all provide a unique and modern backdrop for wedding photography.

    See real wedding photography at NGV

    Address: 180 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3006

    Contact: (03) 8620 2222

    Design Hub, RMIT University

    Scattered in the Melbourne CBD, the Design Hub of the RMIT University one of the most sough-after location for modern look wedding photography. Set on Swanston Street, the RMIT University is closely located to the majority of Melbourne city wedding venues as well as venues in Collingwood, such as the Collingwood Children Farm and the Glasshaus Inside .

    Outside this modern Melbourne wedding photo location, you will find the round mirror rendered wall and the pathway with full height glass on sides which together bring a modern and contemporary feel onto your wedding photography.

    However, the only shortcoming of this wedding photo location is the parking issue. It is advisable to have a driver on duty so the bridal party can jump off car and start doing wedding photography right away.

    Address: Building 100, Victoria St, Carlton VIC 3000

    Heritage Wedding Photography Location in Melbourne

    Victoria Barracks

    Located on St Kilda Road in Southbank, Victoria Barracks offers impressive backdrop of 19th century building for wedding photography. The green covered stone wall, trees and manicured lawns making it the first choice of wedding photo location for bride is getting married at nearby venues such as the Metropolis Events and the Mon Bijou.

    One key factor that turns the Victoria Barracks into one of the most popular location in Melbourne for wedding photography is the ivy on the stonewall. And what’s more impressive is the ivy changes from green to red during autumn.

    See real wedding photography at Victoria Barracks

    Address: 256 – 310 St Kilda Road Melbourne

    Contact: 1300 333 362

    Parliament House

    Set on Spring Street, the Parliament House is the heritage wedding photography location that every Melbourne bride talks about.

    With a close distance from major wedding ceremony venues such as the Old Treasury Building as well as the Carlton Gardens , the Parliament House is the first choice for wedding photo location after couples are officially married.

    Constructed from 1855, the Parliament House is the perfect location in Melbourne for vintage and classic styled wedding photography. The grand stair, pillar stone as well as the vintage doors offer a grand, classic and historic backdrop for wedding photos.

    One advice on taking wedding photography at the Parliament House is to make sure you leave a buffer time on your wedding schedule, as it is one of the busiest wedding photo locations in Melbourne during weekends.

    See real wedding photography at Parliament House

    Address: Spring Street, East Melbourne

    South Melbourne Town Hall

    Located on Bank Street, the South Melbourne Town Hall is a historic civic building that is perfect for classic look wedding photography. With pillars tones as well as the stairs available for background, this wedding photo location is often regarded as the ‘mini Parliament House’ by wedding photographers.

    Being a much quitter place for wedding photography, you can enjoy a relaxing wedding photo session at the South Melbourne Town Hall. And the spacious space at front is ideal for some car shots as well.

    Finally, the South Melbourne Town Hall is also closely located to famous wedding venues such as the Luminare as well as the Park .

    See real wedding photography at South Melbourne Town Hall

    Address: Fishley St, South Melbourne VIC 3205

    Spice Market

    Set on Beaney Lane in Melbourne CBD, the Spice Market is a secretive wedding photo location for unique and exotic wedding photography. The Middle Eastern decorations and the ambient lightings inside all provide a vibrant and subterranean style backdrop for wedding photos.

    Closely located to Melbourne CBD wedding venues such as the Mon Bijou and the Grand Hyatt. The Spice Market stays as an ideal choice for wedding photography during the break of reception.

    The only con I could think of this wedding photo location is you need to pay $350 for 1.5 hours photography session.

    See real wedding photography at Spice Market

    Address: Beaney Lane off Russell Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia (adjacent Grand Hyatt Melbourne)

    Contact: (03) 9660 3777

    Melbourne University

    Founded in 1853, the heritage Melbourne University offers one of the most stunning backdrops for wedding photography. Being the oldest university in Victoria and a true icon of Melbourne, there are hundreds of newlyweds come here to take wedding photos each year.

    Featuring lawns, baroque styled heritage buildings as well as stone paths, wedding photography done inside the Melbourne University will be added with a touch of vintage and timeless feel.

    Contact: 8344 4490

    Old Arts: building 149

    University of Melbourne, Old Arts Building, College Cres, Parkville VIC 3052

    Labassa Mansion

    Situated in Caufield North, the Labassa Mansion represents one of the best heritage locations for wedding photography. Listed as one of the national trusts, the mansion features an outstanding Victorian era mansion with opulent architectural features.

    Inside the Labassa Mansion, you will find embossed and glided wallpapers to magnificent stained-glass window, offering a luxury and vintage backdrop for wedding photography.

    One shortcoming for this heritage wedding photo location in Melbourne is you will need to pay an $800 permit in order to take wedding photography inside.

    Address: 2 Manor Grove, Caulfield North VIC 3161

    Contact: (03) 9527 6295

    Beach Wedding Photography Location in Melbourne

    Princes Pier Port Melbourne

    Set in Port Melbourne, the Princes Pier is one of the best wedding photography locations that offers stunning ocean view. It is a perfect photo location when you are celebrating your wedding at inner South suburb wedding venues such as the Luminare and want to add some ‘sea breezes’ to your wedding photography.

    Standing on the Princes Pier in Port Melbourne, you will find the expansive coastal view, the Tasmania Spirit and original wooden pillars to be featured as the backdrop for candid wedding photography.

    However, being a coastal wedding photo location, one thing to bear in mind is the Melbourne weather as the wind near the sea can mess your dress and hair.

    See real wedding photography at Princes Pier

    Address: Pier St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207

    Gem Pier Williamstown

    If you are getting married at one of the Northern suburb wedding venues such as the Lakeside Banquet & Convention Centre and the Luxor Function Centre and looking to do some beach wedding photography, then the Gem Pier is arguably the best places you should consider.

    With the combination of the historical essence, stunning ocean view as well as the Melbourne city skyline, the Gem Pier offers a picturesque background for stunning wedding photography.

    See real wedding photography at Gem Pier

    Address: 1 Syme St, Williamstown VIC 3016

    Brighton Beach Melbourne

    The Brighton Beach represents one of the most sought-after beach locations for wedding photography. With a few kilometres of stunning coastline, the Brighton Beach is just across the road to the famous Brighton Savoy.

    If you are looking for a vivid and stunning backdrop for your wedding photography, you can’t go wrong with the Brighton Beach and its colourful bathing boxes.

    Just by walking along the beach and engaging to your loved one, you can get some of the most candid wedding photos at Brighton Beach. It is also a great idea to come out during a break between the reception formalities and do some stunning sunset wedding photography at Brighton Beach.

    See real wedding photography at Brighton Beach

    Address: Esplanade, Brighton, Bayside, Victoria 3186 Australia

    That’s all on the top 20 wedding photo locations for stunning wedding photography in Melbourne, if you have more questions regarding wedding photography, please don’t hesitate to contact TREE STUDIO.

    Wedding photography tips

    Groom getting ready

    As a wedding photographer in Melbourne, I would generally start from the groom’s getting ready on the day. Not only because it would leave more time for the bride and bridesmaid to finish their makeup, but the groom needs to be at the ceremony location prior.

    We usually spend 1 – 1.5 hour at the groom’s place to film his accessories, getting ready photos as well as family photos. However, depending on bridal party size and religious ceremony, the time might take longer.

    To ensure natural and candid wedding photography, when I first arrive at the groom’s place, I would help to tidy up the items in the room to make sure we get a cleaner background for the photos.

    Then we will move on to take photo for the groom’s accessories, these usually include groom and groomsmen’s suit, gifts, wedding band, watch, in vitiation card as well as pocket flowers.

    After the accessory shots, it will be time for the boys to dress up. During that time, we will be only giving necessary directions on details such as the background as well as lighting. The idea is to let the boys have fun and enjoy themselves, while they take over the getting ready by themselves, we can capture the authentic moments.

    Bride getting ready

    The bride getting ready session would usually take somewhere between 1.5 – 2 hours, depending on the number of bridesmaid as well as their cultural rituals. One important tip that I always send out to brides is to make sure the makeup artist to finish all the makeup before the wedding photographer arrive.

    As a candid wedding photographer ,I’d suggest bride to use the larger and brighter room in the house for her getting ready session. The larger space allows the bride to walk around in the room easily as well as showing off her beautiful dress train. And better lighting gives an extra boost to the bride’s skin tone.

    For bridal dress, every couture bridal dress has its own design, such as beading or longer train. When shooting the bridal getting ready, instead of putting the bride at one point in the room, we always invite her to walk around so we can find the most flattering and nature angle of her.

    Ceremony and Family photos

    The wedding ceremony would usually be the first location where you finally get to meet your loved one, and it is totally fine if you feel any nerves. As wedding photographer, it is most importantly that you let your emotion take over, so I can capture wedding photography with real emotions, tears and laughter. Eventually, it’s those authentic moments that really matter.

    Basically, during the ceremony, I would take care of pretty much everything about wedding photography while you spend time tying the knot with your loved one.

    After your wedding ceremony, I would always give time to your guests to let them come to you and say congratulations. After that, I would arrange group photos and family photos to be done somewhere nearby with a nice background. However, one tip I would like to give to every couple on family photos is to make family photo list. Having a list in hand could save you tons of time on arranging people.

    Wedding Photo Locations

    After wedding ceremony, it would then be time for couple to do Melbourne wedding photo locations. And it is frankly one of the most important part regarding to couple’s wedding photography: wedding photo location is the only time on the day that couple can be alone with just their bridal party, and they can take that time and enjoy the happiness of being just married. Another reason is wedding photo location is where the wedding photographer like me can use his creativity to capture stunning wedding photography of the couples.

    Apart from being relaxed and ignore my camera, one thing I would always emphasis about wedding photo locations is its planning. Lots of bride and groom find it difficult to plan their wedding photo locations on their own, that’s why I would always arrange a pre-wedding consolation with the couple at Tree Studio to mainly discuss and plan their wedding photo locations.

    Every wedding is different and every couple want to do different styles of wedding photography and go to different locations. However, to do sufficient wedding location photos to add into the wedding album, I suggest to set at least one hour for the session. And keep in mind to add travelling time if you are looking to do multiple photo locations.

    And always ask advice on wedding photo locations to us so you would know if the place is worth going or if it needs a photography permit.

    Wedding Reception

    Last and but not the least, bride and groom will then head to their wedding reception as their final destination on their wedding day. The couple has spent lots of efforts and time on their dream wedding reception, so it’s important for us to capture the decoration and overall setup of the reception when we first arrive.

    During your reception, we will always follow the documentary styled wedding photography manner to capture bridal party entrance, first dance and speeches. It is advisable that the couple to hand me a run sheet on night formalities, so I know better what to expect.

    To get more wedding inspiration and see more our work , you could visit our website or contact us .

    Wedding Photography Terminology

    In the field of professional wedding photography, there are lots of jargons that photographers use. Are you planning on meeting with your Melbourne wedding photographer? Below is a list of wedding photography terminology from A-Z to help you nail you first meeting.

    Accessory photos: detailed photos of the bride and groom’s accessories that they wear on the day. Accessory photos are usually captured during the getting ready phase in the morning.

    Adventure wedding photography: also known as elopement wedding photography. It usually involves just the couple and the wedding photographer, and sometimes maybe a small bridal party, travelling interstate/international to do stunning wedding photography.

    Affordable wedding photography package in Melbourne: according to the Easy Wedding industry report year of the 2019, the average spending on wedding photography cost in Melbourne was $2914 and $2963 in Australia.

    Album: a photobook that showcases your highlights of wedding photography. After you wedding, your wedding photographer will work with you on picking out your favourite wedding photos as well as designing them into the album.

    Asian wedding photography: Asian weddings would usually involve lots of traditional rituals and ceremonies, such as the tea ceremony as well as the Chinese Lion Dance in the night. Those are some of the most important part to be captured as part of the Asian wedding photography.

    Basic/half day (6 hours ) wedding photography package: a half day 6 hours wedding photography package provides basic yet sufficient coverage to those who are on a budget. The wedding photography session would start from the wedding ceremony and finish roughly after the couple’s first dance. It would somehow miss the getting ready part of the bride and groom in the morning.

    Black & white wedding photography: the wedding photos will be either shot or post-edited in monocoloured, to boast a more vintage and timeless feel.

    Bokeh: a kind of effect in photography which is an eye-flattering blur part produced in the out-of-focus parts produced by the camera lens. The bokeh can boast a romantic dreamy look onto wedding photos.

    Boudoir photography: a sexy and sensual wedding photography session where the bride will be photographed while she dressed in lingerie or partially nude in luxury and elegant surroundings. The Boudoir photography is the perfect way to surprise your loved one after the wedding.

    Budget wedding photographer: a budget wedding photographer is someone who thinks about their couple. He would discuss the options on couple’s vendors and become part of the couple’s wedding planning.

    Candid (natural)wedding photography: also known as documentary styled wedding photography, the candid wedding photography focus on capturing the natural, unposed moments on the wedding day. A candid wedding photographer would avoid give too many directions to the couple when shooting.

    Colour temperature: colour of light that is illuminating. In simpler words, how cold or warm the wedding photography looks. Colder image will look blueish and warmer image will look yellowish.

    Creative wedding photography: wedding photography that may involves creative props or poses. Examples include smoke bomb wedding photography, silhouette photography.

    Crystal cover wedding albums: the crystal wedding albums have a designable hard cover made with metallic sheen and acrylic overlay. The advantage of a crystal cover includes thinner pages as well as lighter weights, and the album pages are also more durable.

    Custom leather wedding albums: featuring leather cover at the front and the end, it offers your wedding album a classic look as well as durability. You can also custom design your leather wedding album by adding your names or initials on the front page.

    Deposit: a small amount of money to be paid to wedding photographer in order to secure your wedding date.

    Documentary /photojournalism/reportage wedding photography: an approach of wedding photography that aims capture wedding in a natural and honest way. Without too many directions, the wedding photographer focuses on capturing the bride and groom’s natural emotions and interactions.

    Drone wedding photography: also known as aerial wedding photography, the wedding photographer will utilize his drone to capture photos from above, mainly to showcase beautiful landscape and the couples.

    Editorial wedding photography: based on fashion photography, editorial wedding photography utilizes expressive compositions as well as dramatic lighting to showcase couple’s wedding as well as their personalities.

    Elopement wedding photography: elopement wedding typically means a couple running off and marrying suddenly and in secret. They are usually only companied by just a celebrant, a witness as well as a wedding photographer.

    Engagement wedding photography: also referred as engagement session, it is typically a photography session arranged prior to the couple’s wedding day to capture their joy and excitement before their marriage.

    Enlargement: the physical prints of your enlarged wedding photography. At Tree Studio, we offer our couples enlargement prints sized from 14*11 inch to 36*24 inch.

    Family photo list: a list includes the shot lists with your family members’ names. The family photo list can help you and the wedding photographer to quickly arrange people and save more time for wedding photo locations.

    Fine art prints: fine prints that are made with high-quality archival inks on acid-free fine papers printed by high-resolution printers. The fine art prints are sought after by artists as well as wedding photographer as they are referred as one of the best materials to showcase wedding photography.

    Fine art wedding photography: a style of wedding photography where the wedding photographer crafts the couple’s wedding story through lens with artistic images. Like editorial wedding photography, it utilizes dramatic lighting as well as creative composition to capture the couples.

    First look wedding photos: the wedding photographer captures the couple see each other privately first time on their wedding day prior to their wedding ceremony. The photographer will be able to capture their joy, tears and emotions during the first look.

    Full day wedding photography package: the full day package usually includes coverage time from 10-12 hours, and will cover pretty much all the activities of the bride and groom on the wedding day, from getting ready all the way to reception.

    Indian wedding photography: involves capturing lots of traditional Indian rituals and ceremonies, such as the Sangeet party as well as Hindu ceremony.

    Jewish wedding photography: there are lots of rituals will happen on a Jewish wedding, it’s important for a wedding photographer to capture such as the Ketubah, chuppah as well as breaking the glass.

    JPEG: the most widely used format for photos. After editing your wedding photography, the wedding photographer will send you all the beautiful photos in JPEG format.

    Last minute wedding photographer: refer to wedding photographer booked by couple whose wedding is usually due within a month.

    Leather/fabric album album: common wedding albums usually come in two cover texture, the leather offers more classy look and the fabric one offers more natural and rustic look.

    Lebanese wedding photography: dancing, drumming, those are some of most important parts of a Lebanese wedding for wedding photographer to capture.

    Lens flare: an effect caused when light is scattered into the camera lens creating a dreamy and romantic look on the photos.

    Location photos: the wedding photography session of the couple and their bridal party usually arranged after the wedding ceremony and before the reception. The couple can choose several wedding photo locations with beautiful sceneries to do their wedding photography.

    Modern (contemporary) wedding photography: the artistic photos of the bride and groom that the photographer takes separately from the group photos and reportage shots. Modern wedding photography will be captured in a more unique, creative angle.

    Photography permit: some famous wedding photo locations such as the Victoria Barrack as well as the Royal Botanical Gardens require a photography permit in order for you to take wedding photography inside.

    Photoshop: after your wedding day, your wedding photos will be enhanced in photoshop by the editors.

    Pre-wedding consultation: a meeting between couple and their wedding photographer that usually arranged a month prior to the wedding date. During the meeting, they can discuss their wedding day timeline, photo locations as well as other things that helps the wedding photographer to have better control on the day.

    Pre-wedding photoshoot: a photography session that involves just the couple and the wedding photographer which takes place before the wedding.

    Proofing: the process where the wedding photographer or editor closely selecting the wedding photos. Unwanted photos such as eyes-closed ones will be removed.

    Raw files: the original files that the camera captured, they are large in size and are better to be edited and converted into JPEG formats.

    Retouching: editing process where the wedding photographer or editor closely editing and enhancing the details of the wedding photography, such as the lighting as well as the skin tone.

    Rustic wedding photography: Rustic wedding photography style suits best for couples who are getting married at countryside or places away from the urban. The photography is to focus on revealing the natural vibe and simplism vintage.

    Same day edit wedding photography: SDE your wedding photography captured before your reception will be edited professionally and during your reception, they will be showcased on the big screen to amaze your guests.

    Second shooter/photographer: extra wedding photographer to capture your wedding day, you will be benefited from more photos in more different angles. It is advisable to hire a second shooter when you wish to start getting ready with your loved one at the same time.

    Sparkler exit/sparkler wedding photos: wedding photography of the couples exiting the reception while the guests holding sparklers lighten up the path for them. This kind of wedding photography can boast a romantic feel and is best to used as the cover front/end page of the album.

    Stylish wedding photography: similar to editorial/creative style wedding photography, the wedding photographer will implement fashion and creativity into wedding photos by using dramatic lighting and poses.

    Sunset wedding photography: sunset period offers the best lighting condition throughout the wedding day, the couples can opt to do a sunset photo session by arranging a small break during the reception.

    Traditional wedding photography: usually involves more posing, the wedding photographer will often attempt to compose wedding photos that are very rigid, staged and classic in look. Each subject will take cue from wedding photographer and give their biggest smile.

    Travelling cost: petrol fee charged by wedding photographer if the wedding location is too far away. The travelling cost in Melbourne is usually charged at $1.2-$2 per kilometre. At Tree Studio, we only charge a travelling cost if your location is over 25 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD.

    Unplugged wedding: when the guests are asked by the couples to switch off their phones and camera during the ceremony or other period. This prevent the wedding ceremony to be interrupted.

    Vintage style wedding photography: classy and romantic, vintage style wedding photography suits for couple who is getting married at heritage wedding venues.

    Wedding photo retouch: refers to the editing of the wedding photography after the wedding day.

    Wedding photography special offers: if you are planning a weekday wedding, or you have known the wedding photographer at a wedding expo, you might be eligible to claim special offer from them.

    Wedding portrait photo: aims towards capturing the personalities of the bride and groom by using effective lighting, backdrops and poses.

    Our Approach on Wedding Photography

    Your wedding day is your once-in-a-lifetime event, that’s why you should leave someone professional, with a quality track record to capture your big day. At Tree Studio, we have the experience and professionalism to give you the perfect wedding photos that you and your family will cherish.

    Apart from the quality, your wedding day experience matters too: we believe your wedding photography experience should be natural, relaxing, and fun. Our wedding photographer’s goal is to make your special day stress-free and memorable. We pride ourselves in the approach of candid unposed wedding photography. On your wedding day, it will be just you, your loved one, chilling with your bridal squad while us taking photos without any interruption.

    At Tree Studio, we can guarantee you will spend your wedding day having fun, in fact probably enjoying the best day of your lives to date. And your wedding photos should be just reflecting that: Candid, energetic as well as authentic are the words sum up some nice words we receive from our lovely couples.

    1What is wedding photographer?
    Since Nicéphore Niépce firstly developed photography in 1827 in history till the post-modern era in 2020, there is no clear definition of a wedding photographer.

    Most of the bride and groom even professional wedding photographers in Melbourne have ambiguous awareness or primitive conception about wedding photographer.

    Some people simply realize that wedding photographer is a person who uses cameras to take photos on the wedding day.

    Unfortunately, it is partly of reflection of wedding photographers, it doesn’t reveal the holistic essential elements of wedding photographer.

    What is the definition of a wedding photographer?

    Wedding photographer possess high technique photography style and comprehensive understanding of wedding itinerary spontaneously, moreover, the wedding photographer can give the bride and groom appropriate solution prior to wedding and also on the wedding day.

    From above of definition of wedding photographer, we can get a verification that people are only master about photography style cannot be induced to wedding photographers.

    On the other side, people understand the wedding etiquette and knowledge in wedding field cannot provide necessary condition for one to be a wedding photographer, they can be wedding blogger, planner and other suppliers in wedding field, however it must might not a wedding photographer to lack other important character of wedding photographers.

    A wedding photographer, not necessarily good wedding photographer, must possess two fundamental conditions and sophisticatedly blend the aesthetic sense into the bride and groom personal desires.
    2Who is the best wedding photographer in Melbourne?
    As a rational and rigorous deduction, no one own capacity to give an objective assertive answer about who is best wedding photographer in Melbourne.

    Human being must have different perception and judgement about the best wedding photographer through the past empirical experience and idealism analyse.

    A conclusion of best wedding photographer nurture from one individual empirical intuition and subjective conception can only reflect personal limited experience and inner knowledge through the conclusion is objectively produced by pure reason.

    As an objective and holistic analysis, we can’t find an answer from a monism, one person’s inner mind and knowledge. However, we still have chance to infinitely approach truth proposition of who is the best wedding photographer in Melbourne by negative exclusive methodology, hence, we induce who is NOT possibly thebest wedding photographers in Melbourne.

    The best wedding photographer in Melbourne, cannot be the wedding photographer who is not located in Melbourne, likewise lack of condition of character of reliable, professional and good services.

    If we can peel off and filter the negative appearances of wedding photographer in Melbourne with transcendental deduction exclusively the personal subjective sensation, but only leave pure reasons which it obeys universal principle in the reasonable scope and time.

    However, we must be aware of unconditional definition of metaphysics of best wedding photographer. The only and objective pure judgement is via using the primary intuition to verify the conclusion which is not contradict to universal principle of thesis of best wedding photographers.
    3How to judge the wedding photographer, reliable, trustworthy and good service?
    We are, ordinary human being, not having capacity to verify the quality of wedding photographer prior the wedding is occurred; hence we have no knowledge of a posteriori about wedding photographer criterion.

    How does we assert this specific wedding photographer have good criterion before we use his service nevertheless, he has done our friends and families’ weddings?

    It cannot be necessity synthesis of he being our good wedding photographers though he has done thousands of wedding photography in the past experience.

    Every wedding and individuals are different, one isolated evidence is absurd to prove universal consequence, even there is no assured evidence to prove our hypothesis of he is reliable, trustworthy and good wedding photographer.

    We don’t have capacity to see and sense the thing is occurring but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen or exist in the future.

    Transcendental judgement would be an absolute and only methodology to verify whether he is a good wedding photographer to our wedding before we use his wedding photography services.

    However transcendental judgement shall be based on pure reason, exclude the personal perceptions and sensation misleading, but leaving only pure logic.

    From human intuition, our experience has three different hierarchies, reason, understand and sensibility.

    Apparently, the sensibility is primitive perception from object surrounding us, however it doesn’t reflect the object itself, it is only way how we receive knowledge of an object from space and time.

    To induce how to judge the wedding photographer before we hire their service, we must have to gather the information, but not isolated evident, to from wide range of world itself. For instance, google review, the portfolio and friend’s relatively objective judgements.

    On the other side, we must obtain the criterion of knowledge of the reliable, trustworthy and good service.

    Whether our potential wedding photographer possess the metric as above we mentioned, but not necessarily encompass all criterion, however we know if the individual wedding photographer own more positive criterion, he is more likely to be our good wedding photographer before we use his service.

    Understanding of reality is a historical process, from the primitive sensibility, we get further understanding via logic induction.

    For instance, if he is best wedding photographer in Melbourne and best wedding photographer can provide my good service, therefore this wedding photographer can provide a good wedding photography service to us.

    The logic induction can lead us to understand the outer world and approach the reality of object itself.

    We have a big step from initial sensibility to the clear understand to judge our wedding photographer in transcendental induction.

    However, we shall not stop at the level of understanding of good wedding photographer criterion. We shall reason whether our judgement is logic in limited scope space and time via pure reason.

    The logic induction shall not extend our sensibility which we didn’t sense from objects, but in the limited space and time to be validity.

    If we make the judgement of wedding photographer upon our sensation and knowledge, it is a false synthesis. Because we don’t know we don’t know, we shall stop to induce our synthesis when we found our hypothesis is contradictory to universal principle which is who is reliable, trustworthy and good photographer.

    The process of judging the wedding photographer criterion without subjective sensations, we call it as pure reasoning.


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