Mornington Wedding Videography

I am Seth, a local Mornington wedding videographer who love turning loving moments into stunning wedding videos. I spend most of my weekends capturing wedding videos in Mornington, you could also find me in Sorrento, Portsea, Cape Schanck or anywhere where a love story starts.

Why we love Mornington Weddings

Comparing to other regions around Victoria, the Mornington Peninsula stands a special place within them in regard to beautiful weddings. When we talk about weddings at the Mornington Peninsula, we think about the stunning ocean view of the Port Phillip Bay, the picturesque vineyard backdrop as well as the cozy vibe.

Not only we love those uniquely different Mornington wedding venues to pair with our vision for weddings, but we also appreciate the beautiful backdrop offered by this magical region for stunning Mornington wedding videography.

Why We Love Mornington Wedding Videography

If you are a big fan of natural and candid wedding video like me, then Mornington is definitely one of the places for you to consider getting married at in 2021.

As a Mornington wedding videographer, I always love capturing wedding in this magical region near Melbourne: it is one of the few regions that offer ocean, greenery, and vineyard backdrop at the same time for natural wedding videography.

The laid-back vibe as well as great convenience offered by those all-in-one wedding venues give peace of mind to wedding couples on the day, while allowing me to reflect their genuinely happy emotions from my Mornington wedding videography.

Local Mornington Wedding Videographer

Born with a love for nature, ocean views as well as surfing, I fell in love with Mornington since my first wedding videography job there 5 years ago.

With over hundreds of weddings in Mornington, I can call myself your local Mornington wedding videographer. Whether it’s the best Mornington wedding venues, or simply stunning local Mornington photo locations, I can give you a helping hand on finding those.

View Stunning Mornington Wedding Videography

Here are some of my most highlighted Mornington wedding videography that I captured in 2021, you could have a look and get some inspirations from the couple who get married in Mornington.

Sandy & Daniel Mornington Wedding Videography @ Port Phillip Estate

Natural and spontaneous, these are few words to describe Sandy and Daniel’s Mornington wedding videography at the Port Phillip Estate. As one of the most iconic Mornington wedding venues, the Port Phillip Estate offers award winning architecture design, green lawn as well as picturesque vineyard as backdrop for stunning Mornington wedding videos.

Paige & Stephens Mornington Wedding Videography @ The Baths Sorrento

Married at the Baths Sorrento, Paige and Stephens beachside Mornington wedding videography features stunning water view as well as the laid-back vibe. As a seaside Sorrento wedding venue, the Baths Sorrento offers stunning view of the Sorrento Bay.

Ann & Bryce Mornington Wedding Videography @ Eagle Ridge Golf Course

Natural and spontaneous, these are few words to describe Ann and Bryce’s Mornington wedding videography at the Eagle Ridge Gold Course. As one of the most iconic Mornington wedding venues, the Eagle Ridge offers lake, green lawn, and rotunda as backdrop for stunning Mornington wedding videos.

Michelle & David Mornington Wedding Videography @ Summerfield Country House

Located in the picturesque Bittern, the Summerfield Country House is the perfect Mornington wedding venue for a relaxed wedding. Married in March, Michelle and David loved the stunning nature backdrop over there, and as their Mornington wedding videographer, I’m glad that I reflected their wedding day vibe via the wedding video.

Discover Our Mornington Wedding Videography Package

At TREE Studio, we provide affordable and transparent Mornington wedding videography package with no hidden cost. Our most affordable 6-hour wedding videography package is $1,999. On the other side, our most popular 8-hour wedding videography package is $2,549 and it provides a full day coverage from morning getting ready towards 2 hours after the formalities conclude.

Learn more about TREE Studio’s  Mornington wedding videography package.

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We understand everyone is different and weddings may come in large and small sizes, that’s why we offer a tailor service for every wedding photography package. We are happy to accommodate to couple’s special needs and requirements.

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    Tree Studio’s affordable Mornington wedding videography package starts at $1999 which is perfect for small to medium sized intimate weddings. The package also includes a 4-minutes wedding highlight and a 1-hour live footage.

    If you want to include more moments from your Mornington wedding, you could also choose our extended Mornington wedding video package, starting from 10 hours to 12 hours. Moreover, you could add a second Mornington wedding video shooter or drone to bring your wedding videography to the next level.

    Honest, affordable and transparent

    To ensure our client book our service with peace of mind, we want to show you the video productions that are included within our Mornington wedding videography package as well as some optional extras to choose:

    Our package includes

    Highlight Reel Video

    Live Footage (feature film)

    The optional add-ons:

    Sneak peek video $400

    Same day edit $1500

    Travel cost $1.8 per kilometre

    Drone or aerial footage $580

    Why choose TREE STUDIO as your Mornington Wedding Videographer

    When you hire me as your Mornington wedding videographer, you do not just gain a cinematographer, but also a local guide. With the experience of capturing hundreds of weddings in the Mornington, I can also give you valuable tips and information on planning a smooth Mornington wedding.

    I can praise myself all day, but here are what my couples think how we did. When hiring your Mornington wedding videographer, it is also important that they have a track record as a wedding videographer.

    Tara & Dale wedding video @ Sorrento Ocean Beach

    Such a good experience with Tree studio! Amazing service, extremely professional photographers and videographers, I really liked how they captured the wedding moments in detail and made every second vivid! Thank you so much for keeping my wedding last in this such perfect and romantic way!

    Chloe & Kallan wedding video @ All Smiles Sorrento

    Words cannot express just how amazing, just how touching and incredibly beautiful our wedding video is. We have been absolutely blown away by William and his team at Tree Studio. one would expect on your wedding day to be nervous and overwhelmed however William took all that away from us and made us feel so at ease and he really played a big part in our special day.

    when we received our mini clip from our wedding, we saw our vision come to life as William just gets it. We have no hesitation in recommending Tree Studio, thank you!

    Angela & Haydn wedding video @ Silverwater Resort

    Cannot thank Will and Angela for their professionalism and beautiful video! We were so lucky to have our important day recorded by Tree photo and video studio! Will and Angela are lovely couple and always put their client’s interest first! Thanks, Will and Angela, your amazing work give us a lifetime of memory!

    Venessa & Matt wedding video @ Sorrento Ocean Beach

    Such a good experience with Tree studio! Amazing service, extremely professional photographers and videographers, I really liked how they captured the wedding moments in detail and made every second vivid! Thank you so much for keeping my wedding last in this such perfect and romantic way!

    Your Mornington wedding videography journey with TREE Studio

    At TREE Studio, we aim to provide a hassle-free journey with our couples, you could see our wedding videography workflow here:

    I believe you still have further questions and curiosity on Mornington wedding videography. No worries, you could check 27 questions to ask your Mornington wedding videographer before you hiring one.

    Also, if you want to save your time and money, you could consider to book the Mornington  wedding photography and videography at the same company.

    According to William’s wedding videography price guide and report (2020), you could save approx. 10% of wedding photography and videography total cost when booking at the same company.

    To make a tailormade wedding videography package or just simply get a free consultation, you could contact us today.

    Also, if you are looking to get married at elsewhere, you could view our Geelong, Yarra Valley, Dandenong and Melbourne city wedding videos.

    Mornington Wedding Videography | F.A.Q

    How much does Mornington wedding videography average cost in Mornington?

    According to William. H and Easy weddings report 2021, the average cost wedding videography in Mornington is $2598.


    However, your wedding videography cost could be varied according to different videography coverage and whether you want to add in drone as well as a second shooter.

    Lastly according to William.H’s ultimate wedding price guide, if you book your Mornington wedding photography and videography service at one company, you could save about 15% in total cost.

    View TREE Studio’s wedding photography and video package here to save on your wedding budget.

    Why Mornington wedding videography service is so expensive?

    Mornington wedding videographer spent a lot of effort in developing their skillsets regarding capturing the couple’s best moments on their wedding day. After the wedding, the Mornington wedding videographer will also need to spend time editing your Mornington wedding videography highlight.

    A professional Mornington wedding videographer is also experienced with all sorts of unpredictable conditions on wedding day such as wet weather and shall provide practical solution to bride and groom. He can be seemed as your personal wedding guide, guard and friend.

    Is 6 hours of Mornington wedding videography enough to cover my wedding day?

    6 hours of wedding videography would be concerned as the essential package in Mornington. It means that you would expect wedding videographer to start filming from the wedding ceremony until 2-3 hours of wedding reception.

    Regarding to a small wedding videography package in Mornington, it is advised that bride and groom allocate the wedding reception formalities, like first dance,  cutting cake and speech at the earlier stage of the wedding reception.

    Do you need a second Mornington wedding videographer for Mornington wedding?

    In short words, it depends. However, if you have a well-off budget, two Mornington wedding videographers are always better than one, as it provides more moments captured in more angles.

    Appendix – Top 10 Mornington Top wedding photo locations

    In addition, whether you are still planning your Mornington wedding, or you have already hired your Mornington wedding videographer, here is a useful list of top 10 Mornington wedding photo locations. I strongly recommend you save this list or forward to your friend who is about to get married in Mornington.


    Arthur Seat Lookout

    Stunning lookout that offers sweeping view of the entire Mornington Peninsula and its coastline.

    Address: 791 Arthurs Seat Rd, Arthurs Seat VIC 3936

    Balcombe Estuary Boardwalk Circuit

    Beautiful Mornington location for wedding video that features natural bushes, tree lines as well as a tranquil boardwalk. Perfect for candid and natural style wedding videography.

    Address: Watson Rd, Mount Martha VIC 3934


    Cape Schanck Lighthouse

    Popular wedding location that consists of the famous Cape Schanck lighthouse as well as panoramic view of the Mornington coastal line.

    Address: 420 Cape Schanck Rd, Cape Schanck VIC 3939


    Sorrento Ocean Beach

    Stunning beach side location providing backdrop for wedding video including clifftops, rocks as well as picturesque coastal view of the Sorrento Ocean.

    Address: near 250 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento VIC 3943


    London Bridge Lookout

    Located near the Portsea Hotel, the London Bridge lookout features a unique rock as interesting backdrop for Mornington wedding videos.

    Address: London Bridge Rd, Portsea VIC 3944

    Millionaire’s Walk

    Beautiful 1.5 kilometre in Sorrento that features dramatic view of the entire Port Phillip Bay for stunning Mornington wedding videos.

    Address: 3498A Point Nepean Rd, Sorrento VIC 3943


    Mount Martha Beach Boxes

    Vivid and colourful backdrop of unique bathing boxes along the beach for interesting Mornington wedding videos. The other side the beach also features vivid turquoise water view.

    Address: Esplanade, Mount Martha VIC 3934


    The Pillars

    Amazing limestone platform leading to crystal clear sparling water as backdrop for breathtaking Mornington wedding videos.

    Address: Esplanade, Mount Martha VIC 3934