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I’m Mark, Geelong local wedding videographer who spend most of my weekends with bride and grooms, filming their laughter, happy tears and sweet vows into touching wedding videography to preserve the best moments on their wedding day.

I mainly film weddings in Geelong. However, you can also find me in Queenscliff, Torquay, Lara as well as the Bellarine Peninsula, pretty much anywhere a love story starts.

Why I love filming a Geelong wedding videography in Geelong?

Candid, natural and spontaneous, there are the main 3 words to describe my personal wedding videography style in Geelong. While I find my wedding videography style matched perfectly with the cosy, relaxed and chilled wedding vibe in Geelong.

Born in a small beach town with stunning ocean and vineyard scenery, Geelong seems to be my second hometown when I moved to Geelong in 2015 with my beautiful girlfriend, Nicole.

Nicole said: though she saw many wedding films I shot in other different wedding locations, there is no doubt she loves my Geelong wedding video the most. Simply because, Geelong is our favourite wedding location.

Don’t forget to mention: Nicole and I plan to get married at the Pier Geelong in 2022, hooray!

Discover Geelong Wedding Videography

Isabel & Thomas’s Wedding Videography @ The Pier Geelong

We simply love watching Isabel and Thomas’s Geelong wedding videography that we captured at the Pier. The candid style of storytelling gives the whole wedding video an authentic touch. On the other hand, the picturesque Geelong waterfront also provided a stunning ocean backdrop for their Geelong wedding videography.

Discover Isabel and Thomas’s Geelong wedding videography at the Pier.

Kahlia & Tom’s Geelong Wedding Videography @ Suma Park

Married at the Suma Park in Geelong, Khalia and Tom loved their candid Geelong wedding videography captured on their big day. Being an all-in-one Geelong wedding venue, the Suma Park offers a rustic backdrop for stunning Geelong wedding videography including the lawns and the homestead.

Discover Kahlia and Tom’s Geelong wedding videography at Suma Park.

Karlie & Matt’s Geelong Wedding Videography @ RACV Torquay Resort

Located in the Torquay Resort, Karlie and Matt’s Geelong wedding videography is set to be a stunner: with expansive Golf Lawn, the modern architectures as well as the sea breezes, provided excellent backdrop for their Geelong Wedding Videography.

Discover Karlie and Matt’s Geelong Wedding Videography at RACV Torquay Resort.

Kate & Jack’s Geelong Wedding Videography @ Jack Rabbit Vineyard

I captured Kate and Jack’s Geelong wedding videography at the Jack Rabbit Vineyard last year and I had to say this is still one of my all-time favourites. Located in the picturesque Bellarine Peninsula, the Jack Rabbit Vineyard offers both the ocean view as well as the vineyard backdrop for Geelong wedding videos.

Discover Kate and Jack’s Geelong Wedding Videography at Jack Rabbit Vineyard.

Affordable Melbourne City Wedding Videography Package

At TREE STUDIO, we provide affordable and transparent wedding videography package without hidden cost. Our 6 hours wedding videography package starts from $1999.

Learn more about our  Geelong wedding videography package.

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We understand everyone is different and weddings may come in large and small sizes, that’s why we offer a tailor service for every wedding photography package. We are happy to accommodate to couple’s special needs and requirements.

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    Tree Studio’s affordable wedding videography package starts at $1899 which is perfect for small sized intimate wedding. The package also includes the 4 minutes highlight and 1 hour live footage.

    You could also get extended package, from 10 hours to 12 hours. Moreover, you could add the second shooter or drone to bring your wedding videography to the next level.

    Honest, affordable and transparent

    To ensure our client book our service with peace of mind, we want to show you which video products does include in the package and some extra would be involved.

    Our package includes

    Highlight Reel Video

    Live Footage (feature film)

    The optional add-ons:

    Sneak peek video $400

    Same day edit $1500

    Travel cost $1.8 per kilometre

    Drone or aerial footage $580

    Top 5 favourite Geelong wedding venues that I’ve filmed at and love in Geelong

    I listed the top 5 wedding venues in Geelong. The reasons that I enlist these 5 Geelong wedding venues are not only I can film stunning wedding video at the location, but also those wedding venues provide excellent services to bride and groom, their guests and also wedding suppliers, like me, a local Geelong wedding videographer.

    Seaside Geelong wedding videography at The Pier Geelong

    Address of The Pier Geelong:

    Cunningham Pier, 10 Western Foreshore Rd, Geelong VIC 3220

    Phone: (03) 5222 6444

    Open hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5 pm

    Saturday 9 am to 5 pm

    Sunday Closed

    Highlight of wedding at The Pier Geelong

    – Modern interior design and spacious space for a large wedding

    – Beautiful seaside view in front of venue and unique rooftop can overlook the seaside

    – Seasonal food and local wine

    Watch more wedding videography at The Pier Geelong

    Combination of seaside and vineyard wedding videography at Jack Rabbit Vineyard

    There aren’t many people know that Jack Rabbit vineyard is sister wedding venue to the pier Geelong and both of them share the same level of great customer service and catering.

    Address of Jack Rabbit Vineyard:

    85 McAdams Ln, Bellarine VIC 3221

    Phone: (03) 5251 2223

    Open hours: Monday to Thursday 10 am to 5 pm

    Friday Closed

    Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 5 pm

    Highlight of Jack Rabbit Vineyard:

    – Combination of ocean view and vineyard in one wedding venue

    – Rustic and relaxing wedding vibe for natural Geelong wedding videography

    – Affordable wedding venue package

    Watch more wedding videography at Jack Rabbit vineyard

    Rustic Geelong wedding videography at Suma Park

    Rustic, vineyard, barn, all those elements are constructed into an old world charm at Suma Park. My wedding videography presents the stunning Suma Park in a magical way.

    Address of Suma park:

    2121/2258 Bellarine Hwy, Marcus Hill VIC 3225

    Phone: (03) 5258 3507

    Open hours: Monday to Friday 9 am -5 pm

    Weekend               9 am – 5 pm

    Highlights of Suma park wedding:

    – Rustic barn reception

    – Gorgeous Vineyard as the backdrop of stunning wedding videography

    – Accommodation provided

    Watch more wedding videography at Suma park

    Breathtaking Geelong wedding videography at BAIE Wines

    There is no second opinion to use drone to film the stunning scenery of the vineyard and farmland in BAIE Wines. Located in the breathtaking Bellarine Peninsular, BAIE Wine’s 360-degree view of ocean and vineyard offers a dynamic backdrop for creative wedding videographer.

    The address of BAIE Wines

    120 McDermott Rd, Curlewis VIC 3222

    Phone: 0400 220 436

    Open hours: Appointment only

    Highlight of BAIE Wines:

    – 360-degree view of Port Phillip Bay

    – Two options for wedding reception, winery shed or marquee

    – Affordable wedding venue package

    Watch more wedding videography at BAIE Wines

    Modern wedding videography at RACV Torquay Resort

    Located at the doorstep of the Great Ocean Road, the RACV Torquay Resort obtained its renowned name from the award-winning architecture and beautiful golf course. RACV Torquay resort provide lots of stunning backdrop for breathtaking Geelong wedding videography.

    Address of RACV Torquay Resort:

    1 Great Ocean Rd, Torquay VIC 3228

    Phone: (03) 5261 1600

    Open hours: 24 hours

    Highlight of RACV Torquay resort:

    – 360 ocean view

    – Award winning modern architecture

    – Golf course

    – Accommodation provided

    Watch more wedding videography at RACV Torquay resort

    Top 7 wedding photo location in Geelong

    As a Geelong local wedding videographer, one of the most frequently asked questions from by bride-to be s is to be asked is ‘where is the best wedding photo location in Geelong.’
    The answer depends on your wedding venues and wedding styles. Some all-in-one wedding venues in Geelong provide ceremony and reception and also some photo opportunities onsite of venue, it thus would be advised to take wedding photo location in the wedding venues after the ceremony.
    However, this wedding photo location guide in Geelong would help the bride and groom who have different locations for their wedding ceremony and reception and expect to hear some suggestions for the wedding photo options from a Geelong local wedding videographer’s perspective. You can read the Top 7 wedding photo location guide now and get new insight.

    Geelong waterfront

    The Geelong Waterfront is probably one of the most sought-after photo locations for natural and candid Geelong wedding photography. Featuring bollards, jetty as well as stunning coastal view of the Port Phillip Bay, as a Geelong wedding photographer, we think the Geelong Waterfront is the perfect choice for Geelong wedding photo location.

    Address: 95 Eastern Beach Rd, Geelong VIC 3220

    Contact details:  (03) 5272 5272

    Johnstone Park

    Being one of the iconic landscaped gardens in Geelong, the Johnstone Park is the perfect wedding photo location for candid Geelong wedding photography if you are getting married in the Geelong CBD.

    Address: 24-28 Gheringhap St Geelong VIC 3220

    Contact details: (03) 5272 5272

    Balyang Sanctuary

    Located in Newtown, the Balyang Sanctuary offers a tranquil and natural setting for candid Geelong wedding photography. Within the park, you would find manicured lawns, tranquil lake as well as a wooden bridge which are perfect for some natural wedding photos.

    Address: 50 Marnock Rd, Newtown VIC 3220

    Contact details: (03) 5272 5272

    The Friends of Geelong Botanic Gardens

    Situated within short distance to the famous Geelong Waterfront, the Geelong Botanic Gardens is the perfect local Geelong photo location for natural and candid wedding photography with greenery backdrop. As a Geelong wedding photographer who regularly goes there for wedding photography, I think one of the most iconic sceneries within the Geelong Botanic Gardens is the maple trees which turn red during the Autumn period.

    Address: Garden St, East Geelong VIC 3219

    Contact details: (03) 5222 6053

    You need to apply permission to take photo at Geelong Botanic Gardens

    The Carousel Geelong

    Located near the Eastern Beach, the Geelong Carousel is the perfect photo location for modern and elegant Geelong wedding photography. At the Geelong Carousel, the modern sail like steel and glass pavilion provides a modern and minimalistic background.

    Address: 1 Eastern Beach Rd, Geelong VIC 3220

    Contact details: (03) 5224 1547

    Geelong Train Station

    Within 15 minutes driving time from the Geelong CBD, the Geelong Train Station is one of the heritage wedding photo location in Geelong for rustic wedding photography. Featuring train shed originally built from the 19th century, for those who loves symmetrical backdrop for Geelong wedding photography, the Geelong Train Station is the perfect location to go.

    Address: Railway Terrace, Geelong VIC 3220

    Contact details: 1800 800 007

    Eastern beach Geelong

    As a Geelong wedding photographer, I discovered this not so well-known wedding photo location one time when we were travelling back from doing Geelong wedding photography at the Geelong Botanic Gardens to the Pier Geelong. Featuring coastal view, rolling hill with manicured lawns as well as the iconic ‘Eastern Beach’ billboard, this is the perfect location for some candid Geelong wedding photography.

    Address: Eastern Beach Rd, Geelong VIC 3220

    Recommended wedding photographer in Geelong

    Tree Studio owns its reputation through its affordable wedding photography price and great quality. As you know, the wedding photographer at Tree studio is my best friend. There is no doubt Bruce’s natural and candid wedding photography would make you feel confident in front of camera and get stunning photos taken on the wedding day.

    Words alone are no proof and you would say I would overpraise Bruce, now let’s check his wedding photography below,


    Moments to life

    Angela from the fact that Moments to life would be the top 1 choice as Nicole’s favorite Geelong wedding photographer on her wish list. Even through, Moments to life’s wedding photography price is little bit over our original wedding budget.

    However, Nicole thinks it is worth to book Moments to life if I can get more income this year (shooting more wedding videography in Geelong) and perhaps, she would consider cutting off budget form her holiday plan to get an amazing Geelong wedding photographer.

    You can also see Moments to life wedding photography work below to get to know why Nicole loves Moments to Life so much,

    FAQ Wedding Videography in Geelong

    How much does Geelong wedding videography cost in Geelong?

    According William. H and Easy weddings report 2021, the average cost wedding videography in Geelong is $2598.

    However, your wedding videography cost could be varied according to different videography coverage and whether you want to add in drone as well as a second shooter.

    Is 6 hours of Geelong wedding videography enough for me?

    6 hours of wedding videography would be concerned as the essential package in Geelong. It means that you are expect the wedding videographer to start filming from the wedding ceremony until 2-3 hours of wedding reception.

    Regarding to a small wedding videography package in Geelong, it is advised to allocated the wedding reception formalities, like first dance,  cutting cake and speech at the earlier stage of the wedding reception.

    Do you need a second Geelong wedding videographer for my Geelong wedding?

    If financial is not a problem for you, then having two wedding videographers is always better than one. Apparently, two Geelong wedding videographers can capture the wedding moments from different angle, which is particularly helpful for a big wedding.

    You would also consider to hire two wedding videographers if you want to have two wedding videographers go to different location for bride and groom’ preparation in the morning.

    On contrast, if you have an intimate wedding and expect to be relaxed and chilled on your wedding day. One wedding videographer is more than enough to provide you a decent wedding video. However, you need to provide the wedding videographer a reasonable time to capture the footage on your wedding day.

    Why Geelong wedding videography service in Geelong is so expensive?

    Yes, the wedding videography service is expensive, no matter the price in Geelong, Queenscliff, Torquay, Lara or anyplace in the world.


    Because unlike event videographer, the wedding videographer requests the high skills to overcome the all the potential problem on the wedding, such as hot day, bad weather, the time behind the schedule.

    The wedding videographer is not only required to have professional knowledge about the cameras, aesthetic but also a professional Geelong wedding videographer shall give the bride a practical solution if the bridal party encounter unpredictable conditions.

    A professional Geelong wedding videographer can be seemed as your personal wedding guide, guard and friends if you ever need help.

    Your Geelong Wedding Videography Journey with Us

    You could see our wedding videography workflow here:

    I believe you still have questions and curiosity on wedding videography in Geelong. No worries, you could check 27 questions to ask your Geelong local wedding videographer before you hiring one.

    Also, if you want to save your time and money, you could consider to book the wedding photography and videography in Geelong in one company.

    According to William’s wedding videography price guide and report (2020), you could save approx. 10% of wedding photography and videography total cost when booking at the same company.

    To make a tailormade wedding videography package or just simply get a free consultation, you could contact us today.