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Grand Hyatt


Gracefully situated at the heart of Melbourne CBD, Grand Hyatt hotels is the most iconic 5-star hotel in Melbourne, it is known for their grandeur and elegant design, making them a perfect backdrop for a sophisticated wedding celebration. The architecture, interior decor, and landscaping of these properties often exude luxury and style, providing a stunning atmosphere for modern styled wedding ceremony and receptions.

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Grand Hyatt| Wedding Venue Vision And Insights


Gracefully situated at the heart of Melbourne CBD, Grand Hyatt hotels is the most iconic 5-star hotel in Melbourne, it is known for their grandeur and elegant design, making them a perfect backdrop for a sophisticated wedding celebration. The architecture, interior decor, and landscaping of these properties often exude luxury and style, providing a stunning atmosphere for modern styled wedding ceremony and receptions.



  • Address: 123 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
  • Phone: 0396571234
  • Business Hour: by appointment




Grand Hyatt offers couples a blend of opulence, professionalism, and luxury when it comes to hosting weddings. With their exceptional venues, expert planning teams, and dedication to delivering an unforgettable experience, Grand Hyatt hotels are a popular choice for those seeking a lavish and enchanting wedding celebration. Here are 3 highlights of Grand Hyatt:


  1. Versatile spaces for both ceremony and reception
  2. Perfect location
  3. All in one wedding venue




When it comes to hosting a wedding that resonates with grandeur and elegance, few venues can compare to the allure of a Grand Hyatt. The captivating ambiance, exquisite amenities, and impeccable service offered by Grand Hyatt hotels make them a dream destination for couples seeking a luxurious backdrop for their special day. However, as with any upscale experience, the question of wedding package information inevitably arises.


  • Venue capacity
The Residence Savoy Ballroom Mayfair Ballroom
Cocktail capacity 410 1500 450
Seated capacity 160 730 320


  • Venue hire: $0 with a minimum spend (depend on different rooms and seasons)
  • Price per head
The Residence $175pp
Savoy Ballroom $175pp
Mayfair Ballroom $170pp


  • Beverage price: included in the package price


* Please note that the price is subject to the venue. For details, please contact venue for further information.




Beyond their reputation as exceptional hotels, Grand Hyatt properties also shine as sought-after wedding venues. Backed by an impressive 100 years of combined experience in the realm of wedding and event planning, Grand Hyatt ensures that every facet and nuance of your special day is not just considered but exquisitely crafted.


  • A glass atrium ceiling brings in natural light
  • Window with perfect city skyline view
  • Open-show kitchen
  • Column-free visibility
  • State-of-the-art concert sound
  • Room can be divided into separate spaces




Grand Hyatt boasts a range of enchanting spaces, each exuding an air of sophistication that complements the joy and romance of the occasion. Whether you envision an intimate exchange of vows in a cozy yet elegant setting or a lavish ceremony in a grand ballroom adorned with crystal chandeliers, the Grand Hyatt Melbourne offers an array of choices to make your dream wedding a reality.


Imagine stepping onto a stunning dancing floor, where your first dance becomes an enchanting moment etched in memory. A touch of magic is added as indoor fireworks illuminate the space, creating an ambiance of wonder and awe that enhances your once-in-a-lifetime dance. Culinary excellence takes center stage, with an array of delectable offerings that tantalize the taste buds of your guests. The food and beverage experience are not just a meal. It’s a journey that leaves an indelible mark, providing your guests with an unforgettable memory to cherish.




Grand Hyatt Melbourne
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Samantha WarrSamantha Warr
02:41 24 Sep 23
Stayed here for 1 night with my mother whilst attending a play at the Art Centre. Very modern lobby/reception area. Staff were friendly. Room was overlooking the tennis court. Very modern, clean and comfortable. Beds were good, just a shame I shared the room with a smoker. Couldn't hear traffic noise. However, not sure if pipes, but could hear every time everyone on the same floor had a shower, even at midnight.Buffet breakfast downstairs was one of the best I've ever had. 10/10 breakfast.
Kristen KellyKristen Kelly
05:34 22 Sep 23
DO NOT SEND PACKAGES HERE. It’s a nightmare no one knows who does what. I’ve been back and forth with too many people. I still don’t have it. My biggest regret was to send it there. It’s amazing because they are so efficient everywhere else. The studios are beautiful. The lounge staff was sweet. I did feel proud to be a globalist with Hyatt.
Hayfa SadekHayfa Sadek
02:45 21 Sep 23
From the outset, I wish to express my profound admiration for this remarkable hotel, which stands as the finest establishment I have had the privilege to experience. The staff, in particular, have left an indelible impression, characterized by their exceptional attentiveness and genuine care. Upon our arrival at the hotel, we were welcomed with unparalleled warmth and exuberance by the reception team. Our accommodations were nothing short of splendid, featuring an impressive panorama, immaculate cleanliness, generous dimensions, and an array of amenities that exceeded our expectations. It is without reservation that I extend my enthusiastic endorsement for this establishment.
Louis FrancoisLouis Francois
08:17 10 Sep 23
Attended a professional conference at the hotel. Staff were very polite and helpful in every aspect. Room was immaculate and functional. Location is right in the centre of it all. Plenty of in house and external parking facilities. Conference facilities were also very well designed and well catered. Exceptional overall.
Dillon ChenDillon Chen
07:47 27 Aug 23
Ok rooms for price. A bit outdated and can hear the elevators if choose the rooms next to the elevators. Receptionist during the check in was happy to ensure higher floor for deluxe room when asked.Staff are not transparent with inclusion of breakfast.Booked the rooms with breakfast for an additional charge (extra $50 per night) and stayed for 2 guests, but was only given breakfast for one person per day. This was not mentioned clearly when booking, in the booking confirmation nor at the reception when we were checking in. If I had known the extra $50 per night was for only *one* person, I definitely would not have chosen this option and gone for a local cafe instead.Staff did not offer to refund or accommodate the miscommunication regarding this problem.
Tang BenTang Ben
11:45 26 Aug 23
Rodney ArmourRodney Armour
08:25 26 Aug 23
Great spot to catch up for a drink or bite to eat. Friendly service with a stylish lounge area.
Yonatan RyabinskiYonatan Ryabinski
06:37 26 Aug 23
A fantastic hotel
00:41 25 Aug 23
Obi CooksObi Cooks
09:43 21 Aug 23
The Grand Hyatt Melbourne, a luxurious outpost in the heart of the city where opulence and urban energy collide. As you step into the lobby, you're immediately enveloped in an ambiance that manages to capture both the elegance of high-end hospitality and the vibrant spirit of Melbourne's bustling streets. It's a place where the allure of fine dining meets the down-to-earth charm of a local pub – a paradox that Melbourne itself so effortlessly embodies.The rooms, oh the rooms! They're not just spaces for rest; they're sanctuaries of contemporary design and comfort. With city views that stretch as far as your imagination, you're treated to a visual feast that echoes the dynamic culture of Melbourne. The sheets, crisp and inviting, wrap you in a cocoon of relaxation, offering respite from the urban symphony just beyond the windows.And then there's the food. The hotel's culinary scene is a mirror to the city's own eclectic gastronomic landscape. From the refined elegance of the on-site restaurant, where the dishes are plated with the precision of an artist, to the late-night bites at the lobby bar that cater to the spontaneous cravings of the soul, it's a journey through flavors that mirror the diversity of Melbourne's neighborhoods.But what truly sets the Grand Hyatt Melbourne apart is its ability to be a sanctuary amidst the urban buzz. Amidst the chaos of the Central Business District, this oasis manages to offer serenity without compromise. It's a place where the harmony of luxury and accessibility dances, and where you can experience the pulse of Melbourne without sacrificing a moment of comfort.So, if you find yourself in this vibrant city, seeking a respite that's as bold as it is refined, the Grand Hyatt Melbourne awaits. It's a place that beckons you to immerse yourself in the dichotomy of modernity and tradition, all while indulging in the comforts that only a true urban sanctuary can provide.
phuong nguyenphuong nguyen
12:17 07 Aug 23
We stayed here 1 night to experience the urban feels of Melbourne and being pampered and indulged, This is a great place to stay. The hotel is surrounded by high end shops like Gucci, Hermes that gives you an upscale and luxurious feeling. You can explore Collins street from here, Chinatown is 5 min walk away. Nice place to stay. Highly recommended
Mia MMia M
01:20 24 Jul 23
Had an absolutely terrible experience at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne . From the moment I checked in, it was clear that this place was poorly managed and lacked basic hospitality standards.The room was appalling- The walls were stained, and the bedding seemed like it hadn't been changed in ages. The bathroom was a disaster, an unpleasant smell that refused to go away.To make matters worse, the staff was incredibly rude and unhelpful. They seemed disinterested in assisting guests and treated us as if we were an inconvenience. When I tried to voice my concerns about the room's condition, I was met with dismissive attitudes and excuses.The lack of amenities was astounding. air conditioning did not work.The noise level was unbearable, with loud guests and disruptive activities going on throughout the night. It was impossible to get any sleep or find a moment of peace in this chaotic environment.Breakfast was a joke – we had lounge access on the 31st floor, stale pastries and lukewarm coffee were the extent of their offerings. I've had better breakfasts at gas stations.Overall, this hotel was a complete disaster. I would strongly advise anyone to avoid it at all costs. It was a miserable experience, and I regretted every moment spent here. Save yourself the trouble and find a different place to stay.
Gilly JaxsonGilly Jaxson
19:02 19 Jul 23
Best cosmopolitan in town! Excellent service 10 stars!. Always greeted with a smile. The place is relax, and quiet. Staff always go out of their way to make sure you are happy and enjoying your food and drink. Nothing is a problem. Been going here regularly for over a year. Feels like home. Would like to extend my thank you to the kitchen staff too! The food is always gorgeous! Thank you for all your hard work, what a great team.
Amy WrayAmy Wray
16:32 05 Jun 23
Everything was simply perfect for my stay. Cannot thank the diligent staff enough for their friendliness and warmth. I can highly recommend lounge access, the staff up there are simply wonderful, and it’s a great, quiet sanctuary to get work done, & sip on something nice at the same time. As a non-alcoholic drinker they have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages to suit every palate - every moment was simply a joy. Sending a big thank you to the entire team!!




As a Melbourne city wedding photographer, the Grand Hyatt Melbourne and its surroundings provide an array of captivating wedding photo opportunities. From the hotel’s elegant interiors to the vibrant streets and natural beauty of Melbourne, couples have a diverse range of backdrops to choose from, ensuring that their wedding photos are a true reflection of their love story and the essence of the city.


Grand Hyatt isn’t just about its remarkable rooftop city views, it offers a variety of stunning settings for wedding photos. From the riverside walkways with city vistas to the serene Fitzroy Gardens with its lush greenery, the options are diverse. What’s more, Grand Hyatt’s proximity to other popular wedding photography spots adds to the convenience. In essence, Grand Hyatt provides a range of backdrops that beautifully complement your love story, ensuring your wedding photos are a dynamic blend of urban elegance and natural beauty.




Should you have any questions to plan a wedding or wedding photography at Grand Hyatt, please do not hesitate to Contact Us for suggestions and information from a Melbourne wedding photographer’s view.


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