Real Weddings We Captured At Vogue Ballroom

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Vogue Ballroom| Wedding Venue Vision And Insights

Weddings at Vogue Ballroom 


Vogue Ballroom is a fantastic lavish wedding venue sit on the Eastern Suburb of Melbourne. Famous for the luxury setting up such as the featured stone bathroom, French provincial crystal chandelier, the 6m height ceiling and the stylish entrance mezzanine balcony, Vogue Ballroom is the go-to choice when you plan to have a lavish and elegant wedding.

Tips From A Wedding Photographer

Now, here are some real-world tips from a Melbourne wedding photographer When you choose to have your wedding reception at Vogue Ballroom.

1. A bit travelling is expected based on my experience. As a traditional and lavish wedding venue, Vogue Ballroom focus on the wedding reception Part only. Most likely, you will say I do in a Catholic or Orthodox Church in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburb. Depends on where you want to have the wedding portraiture, leaving a bit flexible time before the reception introduction is highly advisable for a wedding at Vogue Ballroom.

2. Stylist and florist are somewhat needed. At Vogue Ballroom, you are probably expecting to have a Lavish and Elegant Wedding. To bring your wedding to another level of that, decorations are advisable although Vogue Ballroom already has some decent features.

The Place In A Wedding Photographer’s Eyes

After years experience in the wedding industry, Vogue Ballroom is the place on top of my list when you plan a Lavish and elegant wedding in Melbourne Eastern Suburb. Should you have any questions to plan a wedding at Vogue Ballroom, please do not hesitate to contact us for the suggestions and information.

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