There are only two times that I want to be with you: Now and Forever”

Every essence shines throughout your wedding day is priceless. We embrace sunny days and the pretty bouquets. We embrace true emotions and the special celebrations. We embrace dancing, and of course, your romancing. We are dedicated to encapsulating every piece of your story and bringing them to life.

We are a boutique studio based in South Melbourne. Founded in 2015, we have now shot weddings for over 600 loving couples. Not only we are awarded with AIPP and ABIA accreditation, but we have earned ourselves the most trust-worthy photography studio in Melbourne: with all 5-star reviews on both Google and Facebook.

At Tree studio, we believe in the fact that your wedding is all about you. Making your wedding day “hassle-free” is our primary goal. To ensure the best customer experience, we offer you smooth and straight-forward booking sessions as well as artworks that will make you cherish for life.

We believe everyone is unique and your uniqueness is what makes you stand out. At Tree studio, our base style is photojournalism and documentary, and depending on different couples, we will make few adjustments on the day just to make sure the style fits them perfectly.

We take an average of around 90~100 images per hour. To put it in perspective, a 10-hour coverage will generate around 1000 images. All images will be provided in full high-resolution JPEG format, with colour correction and lighting adjustment, ready for printing.

Yes! We love travelling. In fact, quite a few of our wedding shoots takes place outside of Melbourne. We have shot weddings in rural areas Victoria including Ballarat and Echuca, as well as places in NSW including Sydney. Travelling fees may apply.

As a professional wedding photography studio, we are committed to make your wedding day run smoothly. That’s why on your wedding day, we always have one professional photographers ready as a backup just in case anything happen.

Yes, all of our photographers and cinematographers are trained professionals and qualified in their own right. We provide ongoing, comprehensive training to each and every team member to ensure that your wedding photos and videos meet our “a bit fussy” standards.

Of course! At Tree Studio, we desire to provide you the right service that fits within your budget. You are always welcome to book a meeting with our studio manager, together we can tailor a package that is perfect to suit your needs.

Sometimes even the pros get nervous in front of the cameras, so we certainly will not blame you for that! But here are some tips to help you to overcome “camera anxiety” on the day!

1. Breath and relax: when it comes to the shoot, many of us are not aware how important breathing is. But by gently inhaling and exhaling, it helps to relax our body muscles, which ultimately makes you look more natural on the photo.

2. You don’t have to look at the camera: from a photographer’s point of view, I’d say it is never necessary for you to look straight into my lens, unless you are taking a passport photo! On you wedding day’s shoot, if you are feeling anxious looking towards me, you are free to look at your husband/wife, or towards another direction that I advise.

3. Have fun: a wedding day is your once in a lifetime event. So we never want you to be stressed out just because of the camera. Our goal is to make sure the newly married to have a fun shoot and receive artworks that they will precious for life! So you can totally leave things to us: while we make some tiny but essential adjustments on your posing, our friendly and professional photographers will make sure you guys enjoy the whole shoot.

Our in-house editors will work on the productions soon after your wedding. Usually it will take around 3-4 weeks for us to hand you all the digital high-res photos and video highlight.

Yes, backup files are stored for 3 months after your wedding day. We also recommend that when you come back to our studio after the wedding, bring a portable hard drive to make an additional copy for your timeless memory.

We strongly recommend you book in an appointment at your earliest convenience so that we can help you work out the best package to suit your needs and secure your team as soon as possible.deposit starting from $500 applies

Absolutely, it’s always great to catch up for coffee and a chat (or a Skype date) before locking things in. Not only it’s a great opportunity to know each other. We also think it’s important that you enjoy our style of work, so that you are happy working with us.

Currently, we are open Tuesday to Friday 11AM to 7PM , Saturday and Sunday 11AM to 4PM. For other time’s enquiry, please call in to book for an appointment.