The wedding day is the biggest event of everyone’s life. All you want is every moment shared, captured and well documented. Different people have a variety of tastes in the way they want their picture to look like. Whatever the style preferences, nothing beats timelessness on any picture. Therefore, to achieve this in all your photographs, you need to choose the best photography agency to do this job for you. There is no need to look far, because the wedding photography Melbourne experts are here at your service.

Different styles in photography.

Most people are not aware that photography has different styles. This is something that couples need to choose, that is, the style they want on their wedding photos. Wedding photos are there to stay; they are like your personal museum going back in the day when you got married.

Wedding photography style comprises mainly of three different categories. They are, reportage wedding photography, contemporary photography and finally traditional wedding photography. Therefore, before you book your wedding photographer, make sure you understand the style used in their photography.

The reportage wedding style is also known as photo-journalistic or documentary wedding photography. This style has become increasingly popular in wedding photography as it mostly entails the natural approach from the photographer, whereby, they follow the couple and the guests throughout the day while capturing every moment and events as they happen. The main goal of this photography, is to make a narrative story out of the whole wedding event, from the start to the end. This photography mainly depends on the photographer’s keenness of what happened between the couple and the guests and also their perception.

Traditional photography was really popular back in the day before the invention of digital cameras. It is also known as posed, convectional or classical wedding photography. These were the days where the newly weds didn’t have to worry about the cost of the film put in the cameras throughout the proceedings of their wedding ceremony. In this photography, candid moments were less captured as it was mostly dominated by poses and shots of various groups ranging from the guests to the newlyweds.

Lastly the contemporary wedding photography. It is commonly referred to as fashion, creative, editorial, illustrative or the modern wedding photography. It is inspired by the creation of high definition, and visually interesting images. In this style, the photographer aims at finding very interesting and beautiful backdrops to enhance the beauty of the pictures. The pictures taken further go through an editorial process and further treatments in post-production. This style is close to the traditional photography because the photographer’s main aim is to look for beautiful shots, rather than concentrating on capturing moments during the whole event. This style is less natural and more artificial, because the style of the photographer dominates the pictures rather than the couples’ moments and atmosphere of the big day.

Why choose them?

Depending on the photography styles, you want your pictures to have on your D-day, the wedding photography Melbourne companies offer a wide range of photography styles to choose from. Simply book them and they will make the whole day a big success, capturing every event and moments shared.