The wedding video is connecting the human spirit of precious moments. The wedding is one of the important and most memorable moments in one’s life. The happiness is arising when we saw over sweetest moments often.

The wedding video provides a chance to look back the special occupation of a lifetime. The wedding videographer will capture this moment according to the situation prevailing in the wedding ceremony.

The vision of an individual should match the style of wedding videographer. Thus, selection of style is crucial and it should match with wedding videography. The decision is up to the clients.

Niche style of wedding films:

The most relevant style of wedding films is documentary and cinematic. The two names have its
self-explanation. Let us have a brief description of it.

Documentary: Documentary style looks like a journalistic style. The wedding videos are arranged in linear order as it captures in wedding occasion. We get an experience of celebration as just occurred in the wedding ceremony. These types of documentary style are edited as per entertaining perspective and in an appropriate length of video requirement of client.

The journalistic style involves less artistic work. Even different lighting is requiring the camera to capture the event. This style is just intruding upon the wedding day and in simple word, it is shooting in documentary style.

Cinematic style: Cinematic style is more attractive to the young generation. The name itself explains the style of video in wedding occasion. This style simply seems to be more like a movie.The cinematic style starts with different angles, close-ups and even the couples have to act for a song as per soundtrack played at their background.

The editing of a film needs not be in chronological order. Extra effects are given to video
according to the clarity of sequences. This type of video styles also includes the trailers and highlight videos which we often shared on social media.

Short form style:

A highly edited version of wedding video between 15 and 50 minutes is highly popular. This short form may be cinematic or documentary style. As a short form of style, it includes only important occasions that are more eyes catchy to everyone. A short review of a wedding makes us enjoy the event lovely.

Traditional style:

The traditional style is just opposite of short form. This style starts from the beginning and ends with the last event in marriage. The length of video often lasts 2 to 4 hours with a minimum of editing in the scene. Hence, this style is less popular in this modern life.


A musical video style adopted in Marryoke. The couple and everyone attending the wedding will mime the favorite song at a particular point of the wedding day and then it is edited into a music video.

Choosing a wedding videographer and its style are the decision of an individual. Choose the excellent shutterbug to document wedding occasion.  The Tree photo video prides itself as a premier wedding videographer across the Melbourne.