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Most important wedding photos for the album

Getting a reliable and an experienced photographer who has a keen eye for details is just what one needs from wedding photography Melbourne vendors. There is a list of some pictures that need to be shot, no matter what happens and hence, the best one must be selected as these pictures are for lifetime!

Who’s calling the shots?

Once you have a long discussion with wedding photography Melbourne professionals and have explained the kind of shots needed, he can work on the brief. A quirky and sharp shooter will even manage to take cute pictures of the little girls or boys all dressed up. Imagine how they feel when they know they are the part of the album, shot 20 years ago, when it is time for them to marry.

Check this list to know what should be a part of the photo shoot.

Pretty ideas that need to be shot

  1. Get a picture of the wedding dress hung in the dressmaker’s store. It’s the first time you saw it. Preserve the memory. Anyway, once you wear it, it will have another meaning altogether.
  2. It is the cutest thing to see the groom getting ready. Who is helping him to dress-BF or mother or sista! Thumbs up for such a quick photo.
  3. Some profiles may be hard to snap on the main day. During the dress rehearsal, do take one profile picture. It can capture the details of hair and even jewelry.
  4. Don’t forget to shoot the engagement/wedding rings. It’ss a symbol of the union of two mates.
  5. Take a silly causal picture of the shoes and dressed up waist down. Sounds quirky.
  6. Take a snap of the invites as most people forget it.
  7. Ever thought of taking a shot of the welcome bags and thank you gifts before the guests have taken them? Try it out.
  8. If the bride has chosen the groom’s accessories, take a nice photo of it.
  9. Take a single shot of the bridal bouquet. It adds to the wedding story.
  10. Group shots of the bridesmaids’ bouquets also can be shot by wedding photography Melbourne service
  11. Both,s the groom’s boutonnieres and bride’s flowers should be shot.
  12. Take a posed single shot of the bride and the groom against majestic backdrops.
  13. Ever captured on camera the first look of the family members?
  14. Be in your own world with the personally written vows. It is a touchy moment. Save it digitally or on print.
  15. Last words by the father to his daughter- sitting in the car! Priceless. Shoot it.
  16. Relax and take some unplanned photos of friends and family during the planning stage.
  17. Take solos of friends and make a collage of all portraits.
  18. Not all pictures should be perfect. Try shooting a family photo causally. It can be hilarious and shows bonding.
  19. Take some dram shots in the forest. Make B&W prints or kitschy snaps.
  20. A photographer can quietly take a picture of the bridesmaids in a row during the ceremony. An artistic angle works best here.