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Celebrant: Emma Tomlinson Civil Celebrant

Ceremony & Reception: Poet’s Lane Reception

Wedding Video: Link

Congratulations guys!



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If two are caring as they are sharing life’s hopes and fears.
If the music of laughter outweighs sadness and tears.
Marriage is togetherness.
If both derive pleasure from the mere presence of each other,
yet when parted no jealousies restrict,
worry or smother.
Marriage is freedom.
If achievements mean more when they benefit two and consideration is shown with each point of view.
Marriage is respect.
And if togetherness,
freedom and respect are combined with a joy that words can never fully define,
then marriage is love.
— Marriage is love (Gloria Matthew)
Congratulations Stephanie & Nafsy!
Ceremony & Reception: SkyHigh Mount Dandenong
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Damian+ Joanne —  Cargo Hall Wedding Video

Damian and Joanne were one of the adorable couples we at Cargo Hall had had the pleasure of working with. Damian and Joanne’s gorgeous wedding ceremony was in Orthodox Church. And Joanne is a graph designer. The tie, engagement ring and wedding rings were designed by Joanne. Joanne was getting ready at Hilton Hotel.  Damian loved drive motor bike and had some show at the big day.  The couple are very outdoorsy and wanted the decor to represent this and their bright and fun personalities.