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I’ve got to say we have known Vanessa and Matt for a quite long time since they attended their friends’ wedding in March 2015  (Check out Amber and Matt’s wedding here). And now after 9 months, I had this great pleasure of filming Vanessa and Matt’s wedding photography on a lovely summer day at the beach of the All Smile Sorrento. This stunning seaside wedding reminded that I really need to go back and thanks Amber and Matt one more again to have this privilege of capturing their everlasting friendship.

It’s a great place to hold wedding and it’s totally different to any other if you literally been here with the casual atmosphere. The first thing you notice about the spot is that it has a great view of the ocean and beach. And you will definitely dream to have a wedding here.

Vanessa and Matt had their sweet ceremony outside on the gorgeous cliff top, on a small piece of greens. The weather did the right thing whilst viewing the beach in the sunshine will definitely melt your heart. The color of bridesmaids’ skirts were truly matched the scene when waved by breeze. With ocean views and plenty of space, I couldn’t think of a better place to get ready for a wedding.

The beautiful couple started the day with the traditional preparation shots in the morning separately, followed a romantic seaside wedding ceremony in front of close family and friends.

When our Melbourne wedding photography team arrived at Matt’s house, he was preparing himself and Jackson, their 2 years old son as well. This is the first time the little young man got to know hair gel, black beer and formal suit in his life. He was quite enjoyed to have same cool hairstyle like his father.

It was a really big surprise to me when we saw Chris, Ned and Jassi were teasing each other with beers as soon as we arrived. We cried out each other’s names like old friends. The boys were literally same as we captured Amber and Matt’s wedding half years ago. I got heaps of fun and silly scenes of the boys when they as they laughing, joking, enjoying beers, and getting ready for the big day.

Jackson wondered if his new look matches his favorite team before we go. We heard grandma’s voice from kitchen. Alright, we promised not to play footy too long, we need to get mommy to the wedding ceremony.

As I mentioned above, not only is the wedding ceremony beautiful, the bride in her stunning traditional white veil and girls in their sky-blue pajamas were so awesome lighten the whole bridal suite up. Pop music echoed in the house when girls dealing with bride’s final hairstyle with heaps of girls’ talk. They were all full of energy and laughter and just added so much value to Vanessa’s day.

Taking photo right now was super easy because all the girls were gorgeous, especially Vanessa, she looked absolutely stunning. “Like a Barbie doll”, one girl said. The vibe was the same as the boys, champagne was flowing and everyone was having a great time. Girls toasted to Vanessa a happy future. Now it’s selfie time.

As soon as Vanessa walked out in her wedding dress, everyone was in awe, she looked absolutely gorgeous. Jackson given her a small flower as compliment, even he has not been started to learn to say this word. The bride’s father must be the happiest person now while walking his daughter by left hand and holding his grandson by another. The sun was shining, everyone looked fantastic and the surroundings were just picturesque for this cute beach themed wedding.

The wedding was really special and full of emotion while the ocean wave was the perfect backdrop as the couple became husband and wife. This lovely couple met each other in high school, shared same interest (Tiger’s supporter!) as each other’s best friend in ten years and finally become husband and wife just right now. That reminds me on the morning before our Melbourne wedding photography team heading to photograph the couple’s get ready, this two lovebirds posted how deep they love each other on Facebook even after ten years since they met. I got really moved when Matt thanked Vanessa as such amazing wife and amazing mother. As Matt said, good things happen to good people. I saw Vanessa wiped tears but her smile still was the most stunning thing today.

The whole ceremony went off without a hitch, an absolutely perfect ceremony. One of their best friend played guitar for the first dance. Their parents, brothers, sisters, friends all played a big art on their day whether they were in the bridal party.

Before our Melbourne wedding photography team ended our coverage for the night, all guests were lined along, out of the ceremony venue, waving burning sparkler fireworks in their hands till the loving couple walked away. – It was the perfect way to end such a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple. Thank you Vanessa and Matt for choosing Tree Photo & Video Studio to capture your wedding photography at All Smile Sorrento. That was a really sweet wedding I ever attended.

Check out Vanessa and Matt’s romantic seaside wedding video at All Smile Sorrento below:

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