Melbourne wedding photographer


Tree photo & video studio Wedding Photography Melbourne is a Melbourne-based wedding cinematography and photography specialist, dedicated to capture your big day in the elite of our professional attitude.

Every cinematographer and photographer in our studio has experienced many years in the field of wedding studio, who knows how to make the spectacular wedding film.

The most significant purpose for our tree studio is to present the personality of every couple. We have the mind of perceiving the unique style of your wedding, aim to conceive and personalise the every single precious moment during the film and post production. We believe it is momentous to capture and edit every moment in the finest detail, ensuring your memories of big day remain available in vivid picture in your mind

Here is a motto in our studio that also reminds how important of hard working. Wedding is the biggest day of the couple in their life, there is no any doubt that we need to capture their special occasion as perfects as we can.


“Love never fails “- Corinthians 13:8