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Melbourne Wedding Photography – A Project All By Itself

The cliché goes like this: “marriages are made in heaven”. Wedding photography has today, taken huge strides turning the wedding itself into a heavenly event, covering all the events leading up to the wedding and the oath exchange ceremony itself. When considering wedding photography Melbourne, there is a whole lot of information one can learn before engaging a photographer to cover your wedding in Melbourne or maybe for a friend.

Get Your Planning Right

No wedding has ever taken place or can happen without a detailed plan of the events. Surely, many other things have to be considered, such as the list of invitees, the food to be served and so on. One key arrangement is wedding photography Melbourne. You can leave many things to the service providers or someone else to handle and manage, however, the photography part should be personally handled by the bride and the groom together. Whatever planning you might do for the other wedding related preparations, wedding photography is one task you need to attend to yourself, so that the pictures the photographer will take and will form part of your wedding album, come out brilliant. Things you need to do, include choosing the best photographer or photography agency which has a very good reputation and the work to show for it. Then, decide on the overall schedule, choose the outdoor location, and if you have any specific ideas, you should convey them to the photography expert.

Outdoor Locations in Melbourne

The location where you wish your photographer to do the outdoor shoots, pre-wedding, largely depends on how romantic and adventurous you and your spouse feel. In Melbourne, for example, the following are preferred spots which couples choose for wedding photography Melbourne:

  •  Melbourne Cricket Ground: This is an iconic venue; a number of international sporting events are held, and the stands can seat up to a 100,000 people. With such a beautiful backdrop and if the couple is a sport loving one, it is a great place for wedding photography.
  • The Webb Bridge: A brilliant piece of architecture and construction technology, this bridge over the Yerra river in Melbourne forms a unique backdrop. The photographs and the album will gain a different value with this location figuring in them.
  • Docklands: This is another location you and your spouse will fall for. If you browse through the snaps taken by other couples before at this location, you will definitely choose this location.
  • Royal Arcade: If you have a fancy for something historical and a bustling place, then you could choose this location in Melbourne.

Besides the above, there are many other locations; there are the Palais and Regent Theatres, the Arts Centre, the Parliament House or the Melbourne Museum. Take your time in going over to the place, go through the photos already taken from these and maybe even other locations. You may then be in a better position to take the call. You can then select the appropriate dresses for the location photography. You can also discuss with the photographer on the colors that would appear better in the specific backdrop.