Wedding Photography in Melbourne beach

Choosing Your Wedding Photography in Melbourne

Melbourne is a city that’s blessed with fine, much awarded, wedding photographers. They are prone to provide top quality images and videos and at competitive prices. This is a momentous moment in your life, which won’t be repeated, so how do you choose the right photographer to capture these precious moments?

Most couples today choose a special wedding location with the photography very much in mind. They want to be able to relive the occasion in years to come through the images and remember the same warm, happy feelings they had on the wedding day. They also want their photographic and video memento to show friends and family who were not present and even, looking further into the future, to show their children and grandchildren. So how do you ensure you have an album to be proud of after the photographer is finished?

Start by asking the photographer to show you the portfolio of photos from previous weddings to determine if their style and your style are similar before selecting anyone. This isn’t about their competence; it’s a matter of taste and compatibility with your wedding’s theme. Many photographers aim for modern, cool images, which are great photos but may not be what you want if your choice is a traditional event. And likewise, if your wedding is a futuristic one, then traditional photos won’t match your taste either. Choose a photographer whose photographic style matches your wedding style. You’ll find many by searching the web for wedding photography Melbourne.

Similarly, choose a photographer whose photos best capture the location you’ve chosen. All professional photographers can shoot incredible indoor and outdoor photos but some have an affinity for historic interiors, for example, that lifts their images above the others. Don’t choose your photographer until you know your location. Also, if your wedding’s location is a particular building, the staff may be able to tell you of photographers who have shot there previously and with what success. Again, ask to see these particular photos when meeting with the photographer because this will give you an idea beforehand how your photos will look like.

Meet with potential photographers and not just their studio staff. Weddings are joyous occasions but like any public event they’re also fraught with anxiety. A photographer whose personality doesn’t fit yours during quiet moments in their studio will not get the best when the event is in full swing.  In particular, you need to agree on how much staging and posing the photographer uses on a wedding shoot. For some of us, photos taken during events seem happier than posed ones. For others, careful posing provides a level of comfort that unguarded moments never can. You need to decide that at the planning stage.

Finally, modern weddings are recorded in video. This too needs your careful consideration. How intrusive to the ceremony do you want this to be? How will it make you feel if there’s a camera focused on your face when you’re making solemn vows? And at what point in the celebrations that come after the vows does the filming stop? Feel free to leaf through wedding photography Melbourne to clutch relevant answers.

Your wedding photos are an integral part of the day and will be a cherished reminder for years to come. Don’t leave selecting the photographer to chance or to the advice of friends. Do your homework! Select one that suits your style and is ready to work with you before, during and even after the big day to get the results you want.